I thought about some of the best things I had experienced in my life. We’ll all look back at our life at look at things that was bad, but turned into something good. Or the other way around. . It’s amazing how bad things that happen to you sometimes turns into something good. Well here is some of the greatest or biggest experiences in my life.

1: Existential crises.

This is one of the bad things turning good. I was 19 just finished upper secondary school. I thought I would take a gap year, and then go to university and study sociology. The next six years was mapped out. But then the existential crises happened.

 After about six month of little sleep, I started to realize what the meaning of my life is. If I never had an existential crisis, I would never have realized that sociology wasn’t my thing. The crisis helped me to choose the right path.

2: Learning to ride a horse.

I know. This is not a thing people would consider this a great experience. I started to take lesson in English riding when I was six, and I became really good rider. So good that my riding instructor gave my some individual time during class. This gave me a lot of confidence as a child. I still love horse riding to this day.

3: My grandfather’s death.

My grandfather’s death is absolutely NOT a good thing. He died when I was about 7 or 8 to prostate cancer.  I feel so lucky to have met him, and actually have memories of him. My younger siblings never had that opportunity.
I remember I thought that he talked weird. He was from the island of Bornholm. At that island people have a very different dialect. It’s sound a bit like if you are mix some Swedish and Danish.

I lover travelling in Bornholm and stand at the beaches and look out on the sea and think that he has been here many years ago, when he and a friend in their young days sailed around the island.

4: Get an article I wrote published.

At the folk high school I studied journalism. And through a collaboration between a media house and the school I got an article publish in a newspaper. I still have a copy of the newspaper.

5: Holding a snake.

I’m terrified of spiders, and at the time I wasn’t comfortable with snakes. So to hold a snake is very big experience. The keeper had told us that if we made a fast movement the snake might bite. The snake constantly had it's head nearby me, so I kept thinking “NO FAST MOVEMENTS, AMALIE! NO. FAST. MOVEMENTS!!”

6: Shooting with a rifle.

I don’t know how it happened. Well one of my teachers was a hunter, and to a “bonding”(it was supposed to strengthen relationships between us pupils)  event for me and my classmate, we were invited to a shooting to an indoor shooting range.

7: 8 hours in the army.

Again I don’t know how it happened. But when I was about 13-14, my class had been invited to spent a day (8  hours) in the military. I think it happened because one of my classmate’s dad was in the army. So we did the whole being introduced to the guns, we were allowed to hold uncharged machineguns and pistols (they are heavy!), having to crawl in the sand under some leashes and transported from a to b in a bombproofed car or something. The guys where really excited. But yeah it was a fun experience

8: Starting The Scandi Girl.

Starting my blog is on the list of the best experiences. I love blogging; I’m always so excited to see how my blogpost will be received. I love reading the comments. I love reading what you like and what you don’t like. I love trying to come up with an idea to a blogpost.

These experiences are not categorised by the best being number 1. These are just 8 great experiences I have had in my life. What are some of the best experiences of your life? Please feel free to share your experiences.

Your Scandi friend.

Published by Amalie Ingvorsen