Originally posted on: theglamisland.wordpress.com. Looking for a costume idea but don’t want to wear the typical Witch outfit? Here are 8 Halloween costume ideas that every other girl won’t be wearing! Includes links and ideas for creating some costumes.
  1. Circus RingLeader- Like to “call the shots?” Try this cute Ringleader costume from Yandy.com  .
  2. Cookie from “Empire”-Cookie is bold, fierce and fabulous! To dress like her, wear fur, animal print and something skin-tight.
  3. Girl Squad Idea: Pretty Little Liars Cast-Look up photos and rally study their styles. From what I know: Spencer’s style is preppy, Aria is edgy, Hannah is glamorous and Emily is sport/casual.
  4. Couple Idea: Beyonce and Jay Z-Dress like this power couple. For Beyonce: wear a leotard thigh-high boots and blonde curly hair. For Jay-z: wear a chain, and all-black (either a T-Shirt or hoodie and some jeans).
  5. Princess Jasmine: This pretty princess is my favorite. There are Princess Jasmine costumes everywhere, but here is one.
  6. Baseball Player-Are you more of a sporty girl or tomboy but still want to look sexy? This baseball player costume can be worn two different ways: as a dress or tied up with some shorts.
  7. Ninja-This has to be one of my favorite costume ideas. Here is a cute one!
  8. Ballerina: Graceful and strong. Many girls like the thought of being a ballerina. Pair a tutu, leotard, and tights with some flats. And don’t forget to put your hair in a bun!
I hope you guys got some great ideas. What are you going to be for Halloween?

Published by Jayla Kearney