Home remodeling is quite a budget buster, but every once in a while, a reboot is exactly what your house needs. You may think that you know all about the involved costs, but you really don’t. There are many less apparent costs that you’ll have to cover during your home remodel. These hidden costs are well worth knowing about!

Bad building practices

Sure, your home might look tiptop from the outside, but you still might be a victim of improper building practices, without even knowing! Once your remodeler starts digging into your walls, the truth will surface – you’ll finally get to know just how sound your home was built, whether you want it or not. Once uncovered, these faults might end up severely hurting your budget; for example, once spotted faulty wiring is spotted, it can’t be ignored, and rewiring costs a lot.

Bringing everything “up to code”

There is a reason why the building codes exist – they were originally designed to protect public health and safety. Nowadays, the government agencies are using these codes to implement policies, such as sustainability and energy efficiency and, while there is nothing unethical about these (on the contrary), they can mean hidden costs. The older a home or a building is, the more you can expect a remodel to set you back!

Pest and rot damage

Termite damage is one of the biggest home remodel budget crushers; and the worst thing is that you’re better off spending money than not having found a termites’ hang out spot in the first place! Additionally, rotting wood can seriously impede the very foundation of your home, so keeping the plants and irrigation at least five feet away from it is the way to go! Remember, wood and water are enemies!

Eating out

If you’re doing a remodel, chances are that your kitchen will be off-limits for you. Unfortunately, it is only logical that we don’t consider eating out a part of a remodel budget. Think about it, however, you’ll have to eat something and fast food isn’t going to cut it for every single meal. Plan for easy-to-make no-cook meals, takeout and eating out as a part of your home remodel budget!

Moving out

In some cases, a home remodel will mean vacating your premises and even moving out your belongings. Of course, staying at a friend’s house is always preferable to going to the hotel, but you won’t exactly be able to move all of your stuff into your good Samaritan’s home. Renting and using PODS is the way to go here.
Planning ahead is vastly important here – if your friends and family can’t help you, you need to set aside a part of your budget for a hotel and this is definitely not cheap!

Moving in

You’re going to need help for moving back in. Asking your friends and family for help is always preferable, but you’re probably going to need to hire a moving truck, at the very least! This is yet another unexpected remodel cost!

Dealing with rubbish

You can rest assured that the contractors are going to generate a ton of rubbish and you need to make yourself aware of the fact that removing it from your premises is not your remodelers’ job. Check for your local rubbish removal prices and add this expense to your home remodel budget list!

Higher utility bills

Think about it: your contractors will likely be using drills, compressors and nail guns and you can bet that they will be plugging these in. These expenses are often negligible, but should a, say, unexpected plumbing line break occur, you might end up being set back as much as $40 dollars per month!


Published by Emma Lawson