If you are trying to sell your home, the present competitive housing market can be one of your worst nightmares. Many similar homes for sale in your area might be priced lower than yours, making it difficult for you to find a buyer for your home. However, the price is not the only thing you need to worry about when selling your home.

Paint chip offs, an aging or leaky roof to a positive radon test result in the basement, there is a probability that you have a long list of repairs before you sell your home. While you want your house to look its ultimate best for prospective buyers, you should address some less obvious issues before you listing your home for sale. Whether you are planning to list your home for sale on Fish Need Water or selling your home in South East London or any area in London, do you know what issues often turn off buyers or instantly kill a sale?

Here is an insight to some of the common and big issues that could cause a home sale to collapse.

1.     Old or Leaking Roof

Roof related issues are responsible for about 40% of homeowner’s insurance claims. The typical lifespan of a roof is often 20-25 years for the shingles, and if your home’s roof is approaching its end, you need to consider replacing it before you even call an estate agent to give you an idea of the cost estimate.

2.     Outdated and Old Windows

Sure, there is nothing cheap about replacing old and outdated windows. If you are selling, you might consider leaving it for the new owners to worry about in the future. This is a big mistake! Experienced homebuyers know exactly what things to look out for that may drain out their wallet, like outdated windows. Especially if you are dealing with a first-time buyer, their estate agent may bring in some things to their attention.

When a prospective buyer walks into your home, chances are their eyes would first go to your windows. Keep in mind that broken window locks, window cracks, and a buildup of condensation n the windows aren’t a good look for your house in London. Examine your finances and consider spending some money on better windows, which could give you a higher ROI. You can consider choosing energy efficient alternatives, which means you don’t need to spend out of your budget but give your home a good look.

3.     Damaged Gutters

Routine gutter maintenance could prevent you from spending thousands of pounds in the damage to the foundation of a home if ignored. Recognizing the importance of this may require you to spend a few pounds out of your budget, but you will be glad you did when your home’s windows, siding, doors, and foundation stay from water damages.

4.     Old HVAC Systems

A well-maintained HVAC system can efficiently work and last up to 25 years, but an aged one could be an area of concern for most buyers and costly to replace or buy from a seller who does not want to lose a sale.

5.     Termite Infestation

Termite infestation causes a lot of damage to London homes each year, and sellers are required to disclose it. Adding a termite and pest warranty from a renowned company can help to give your buyer some peace of mind. Keep in mind that termites and other pests in your home can often be a deal breaker.

6.     Radon

A naturally occurring, radioactive, and carcinogenic gas, radon forms from the breakdown of uranium. Typically, in the home, this gas is found in the lower levels of your home, usually the basement. To put the dangerous intensity of Radon into perspective consider this, smoking is the number one cause of lung cancer, and the second is radon. To be sure, your home is free from this gas, you need to call in experts to check whether your home is safe or not.

7.     Cracks in the Foundation

When buyers see cracks in the foundation, it often gives them the sign of a larger problem. Be prepared and try to fix any structural problems before your home hits the property market. Plan a repair in-house to be sure, that buyers don’t walk out disappointed.

8.     List your Home at a Reasonable Price

Pricing your home too high could cause it to remain down the list for a longer time. To ensure your house sells fast, it is advisable that you keep it at a lower price than the marker supports. A tip is to consult your estate agents and get a price quote.

Selling a home means to ensure you keep it in a presentable state at all times. If you want to get a good sale value for your home, you need to work on all the upgrades to ensure prospective buyers finally seal the deal with you. 

Published by sandeep Malik