Testing refers to the process to check different aspects of the software to find if the original results are matching the expected results. Companies offering software testing services test every software to find the flaws, errors and bugs and making sure that it is free from defects. Here is a wide array of the latest software testing techniques which have earned a high reputation:

Internet of Things

Internet of Things refers to a technology which has introduced a significant change in the way a wide array of devices communicates with each other traditionally. Owing to Internet of Things, a plethora of devices are known to be connected with one another. 

Internet of Things testing refers to a process which is beneficial in testing various devices, in accordance with IoT technology. Such kind of testing is performed with security testing, usability testing, data integrity testing, compatibility testing, performance testing, scalability testing.

Automation testing and integration manual testing techniques

You cannot count on automation testing to conduct different tasks from various areas of testing. This contributes to be the reason why a wide array of software testers has earned a wide array of benefits after combining the different options of automation testing and manual testing processes.

 As automation testing is integrated along with the manual testing processed, the efficiency and productivity enhance manifolds. Hence, it is a prerequisite to segregate as well as recognize various test cases which can be automated.

Equivalence Class Testing

With this kind of testing technique, the testers are capable of segregating various test conditions into a bunch of partitions. This is helpful in designing the test cases; in accordance with the created input domains. The logic behind such kind of testing is that the test case from either input value from a specific domain is similar to the tests for other values from the specific domain.

Agile Methodology

Business firms are adopting digital transformation on a wide scale in the past few years. It is because it is useful in devising latest strategy because technology plays a vital role in bringing an improvement in the business and customer value. Agile methodology is useful in defining the challenges, goals, and use cases of the business.

As you adopt the specific method in the digital transformation, it ensures the rapid generation of different business solutions. Some of the best practices for this method are inclusive of

Development of Work Environment

It is a prerequisite to develop the right kind of work environment for various Agile teams. This kind of environments play a vital role in facilitating various effective information which is shared between various teams.

Scale Agile initiatives along with Frameworks

A business firm can integrate Agile methodology by the implementation of the same into a specific part of the business. However, it might lead to a challenge as you try implementing this methodology to bring about the end to end changes in the business organization. Hence, it is recommended to make use of frameworks for making these activities really easy.

Testing based on decision table

This testing process comes handy for majority of the functions which provide response to various combinations of the inputs. It is inclusive of the identification of the different functionalities where the output varies in accordance with the inputs.

Cloud based testing process

Cloud based testing is inclusive of the use of various cloud-based tools in order to test the web, as well as installed web and installed apps. Such tools are beneficial for matching the user traffic and environment along with the real world. 

Few tips for the implementation of cloud-based testing processed effectively are inclusive of developing test strategies, setting goals, choosing a provider, planning the infrastructure, determined level of access.

DevOps Testing

This methodology involves the integration of different development functions which are inclusive of operations and development in the similar cycle. This process is used for the facilitating of the testers for combining different test designs and test designs for the verification of different changes within the certain code and avoiding the crashing of the product in the developmental stage.

Big Data Testing

This type of testing plays a vital role in order to ensure that the data quality is not compromised. It is regarded as a widely used testing process owing to the reduced costs for storing data. In such kind of testing, the testers require verifying if the data terabytes have been processed successfully with the aid of different supportive components such as commodity cluster.

The test cases in this kind of testing is useful in determining if the correct alter mechanisms like the Mail on alert has been executed. It is also useful for checking if the executions and errors have been displayed properly along with the prerequisite error messages so that exception or error handling becomes easy. It also involves the implementation of the integration testing for the completion of the workflow from the data ingestion till the visualization or storage.

Error testing

This is regarded as a kind of software testing in which the tester performs various test cases by the guessing of error which occurs in the code. The tester makes use of the past experience for the identification of certain problematic areas in the app. 

Here, the test cases are made with the aid of the past experience along with the same kind of applications. This kind of testing plays a vital role in monitoring the past error areas. The tester should be equipped with the knowledge about the common implementation errors. It is a prerequisite to evaluate the historical data as well as the test results.

Risk based testing process

Such kind of testing is known to be implemented with an eye to find out different critical bugs and errors, without burning a hole in your pocket.

Owing to the emergence of different development technologies such as Agile, and DevOps, new approached have been introduced for testing in the IT industry. Hence, it is essential for keeping up as well as bringing a transformation in various testing processes, as per the latest technologies.


Published by Samantha Brown