Team-building has long been recognized as a valuable tool to strengthen team communication and effectiveness in working together.

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It is a considerable commitment to take the team out of their work environment to benefit from the challenges of new stimuli. A mix of activity is preferable to cater for differing personalities, and one of the best ways of getting the most out of the day is to take it outdoors - a complete contrast to the office environment. This does not necessarily mean the candidates need to be sporty types, but even a simple change to fresh air and a bit more contact with nature is enough to ring the changes.

Paintballing is one of the most popular team activities, albeit one of the more obvious because it fulfills so many of the objectives for a team-building exercise. However, a tank driving experience can challenge the participants in different ways, particularly because of the novelty factor.

Most activities can incorporate a range of techniques and features designed to enhance the
team-building experience.

Companies such as Armourgeddon have a good range of different outdoor activities.

Chariot Racing

The trusty steeds for this activity are members of the team! Who cracks the whip in this scenario to race over the obstacle course against the other chariots? After they have designed and built their own chariots, it's quite an engaging challenge.

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Outdoor Obstacles

Courses can cover zip wires, tree climbing, white-water rafting, rope climbing, and canoeing.

Water Works

Water skiing, wakeboarding or fun inflatable tow rides or more sedate boating activities all provide opportunities for teams to compete, work together and develop leadership skills.

Airborne Activities

For those with a head for heights or phobias to conquer, bungee jumping and skydiving are two of the airborne challenges on offer.

Twister with a Twist

This is recommended as an outdoor activity. The players wear white and the colored placemats are replaced with paint. Useful for washing powder challenges afterward.


Go-karting and quad-biking offer the thrill of speed as well as racing the competition.

Blindfold Driving

This is otherwise known as the leap of faith, and there are no directional aids allowed. Your ‘passengers’ just need to give you instructions and all you need to do is drive!

Published by Sunil Pandey