Dandruff is one of the most persistent conditions for your scalp. Whether it is derived from a dry scalp condition called seborrheic dermatitis or by psoriasis, eczema or even a growth of a fungus called malassezia, dandruff returns all the time even when you think you may have beat it.

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While drugstore remedies target fungus and bacteria or the growth and death rate of the skin cells or even loosening flakes of dandruff to allow them to be easily washed away, there are also a huge number of home based remedies for dandruff that can help you get a more persistent result that doesn’t come back.

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil contains a number of properties that make it an excellent remedy for dandruff. Not only does its antimicrobial properties help keep the bacteria and fungus at bay, but also it helps provide anti-oxidants that helps keep the scalp healthy. Use a few drops of tea tree oil into your favorite shampoos to help ensure that the scalp remains healthy.


Salt can be an amazing way to gently scrub out the flakes of your dandruff before you proceed to shampoo your hair. Its abrasive texture ensures that you get rid of the excess flakes without stripping the scalp dry. Take a tablespoon of salt and work it through your hair, massaging your scalp with the granules. This can help to remove the dry flaky skin and this can help prep the scalp for any other treatments from this list for a full treatment.


Lemon juice is another amazing way to combat dandruff and is quite cheap and affordable. The acidity of lemon can help in balancing the pH levels of your scalp which can, in turn, help keep the dandruff at bay. To use lemon, just massage the juice of one lemon into your scalp for a few minutes and rinse out with water. Then in a cup of water, add a teaspoon of lemon juice and rinse the hair with this. Using these daily can help get rid of dandruff permanently.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar works as a dandruff remedy by altering the pH level of the scalp due to the acidity which makes the growth of yeast harder. To use apple cider vinegar, mix 1/4th cup of the vinegar and a 1/4th cup water in a spray bottle and spritz on the scalp. Wrap the hair in a towel or shower cap and let it soak in for half an hour and wash as normal.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is one of the most widely known recipes that works wonders for the skin and the hair. It is amazing at treating dandruff and leaves your hair smelling nice as well. It has antimicrobial properties and helps in moisturizing dry scalp to help remove dry and flaky skin. An hour before showering, massage 3-5 tablespoon coconut oil into the scalp before following up with your regular shampoo routine.


Though this may stink up your hair, but garlic is an amazing and accessible remedy that provides antimicrobial properties to help eliminate the pesky dandruff-causing bacteria. To use garlic, you can go either of two ways, either straight up crushed garlic massaged into your scalp or if you can’t stand the smell, mix the crushed garlic with some honey and then massage it into your hair and follow up with your standard shampoo routine.

Aloe vera

While most of the remedies on this list make dandruff go away, aloe vera is actually a double-edged sword that can also help to reduce the itchiness that goes hand in hand with dandruff. In order to save yourself from the horrible itchiness, take an aloe leaf and extract the gel or take some good quality organic aloe vera gel into your scalp before you shampoo. The aloe vera can help cool down your scalp and provide relief for the itchiness.

Olive oil

Soaking your hair in olive oil overnight is one of the most well-known home remedies for dandruff. Take 10 drops of premium quality olive oil and massage it into your scalp. Cover your head with a shower cap or a towel overnight and follow up with a gentle, olive oil based shampoo in the morning after to get best results.

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