Ever feel like there are NEVER enough hours in the day for you to accomplish everything on your to-do lists? Well, have no fear here's a simple a solution: a Planner. You will be surprised the number of young mothers I have met that have never even thought about getting a planner to help organize their life! Most of the women I have talked to ,stop using a planner as soon as they left high school or college. My eyes always bulge when I hear these things because I CANNOT exist in this world without my planners. Yes, I used the plural form because I have more than one,  I have 4. No worries, you don't have to be as OCD as I am , one usually suffices just fine. Here are some top picks of the planner that I have used in the past, that kept me super organized!


  1. "I Am Very Busy" Agenda by ban.do-BUY


2. "One Day at a Time" Agenda by ban.doBUYplanner-2

3. "Do it all" Planner-BUY


4.Floral Planner At Target-BUY


5. Gold & White Metallic Planner at Target-BUY



6. Polka Dot Planner-BUY


7. "Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful"-BUY



8. Gold 2017 planner-BUY







Published by Christina Mendez