A demolition contractor is a must if you are planning to remodel your home extensively. The demolition can be a tricky business sometimes and hazardous too. So, one needs to get a professional and experienced demolition contractor to ensure this process is carried out without glitches and damages. Choosing a demolition contractor is also not an easy task. There are several questions to be asked before hiring a demolition contractor so that there are no disagreements and dissatisfaction during the demolition task.


Make sure the demolition contractor answers all the below questions up to a satisfactory level:


  1. What is your process for ensuring safety and efficiency? As you already know, demolition is a little dangerous and there can be untoward incidents if proper precautions are not taken. You need to check the safety record of the demolition contractors. Also ask them about the safety precautions taken by them throughout the process so that you can have peace of mind.
  2. Are you a licensed demolition contractor? You may not be aware of this but any demolition contractor has to be licensed. A licensed contractor means that they are professionals and are experts in the process. They are well trained for the same. So anytime you consult a contractor, ask for the license. Also, check with the local Business Bureau to check whether there are complaints filed regarding their work. Contact the EPD in your region for a list of contractors that have been listed in violation of demolition regulations and asbestos related infractions.
  3. Are you insured for wrecking buildings? Anything can go wrong during a demolition. As shocking as it may sound, not all demolition contractors are insured. So, make sure you do not end up hiring a demolition contractor who is not insured. You should know that if an uninsured contractor damages your home, you may have to take them to court to get them to cover the costs or cover them yourself and if an uninsured contractor incurs any injury during the demolition of your home, you may get sued for it.
  4. Do you know how to do the job in an environment friendly manner? Being a responsible resident of the Earth, it is your duty to contribute as much as you can towards its conservation.
  5. Do you have a list of 3-5 reliable references? It is advisable to look for some reliable references of a particular demolition contractor. Make sure you know that they have an experience of performing tasks similar to yours.
  6. Will you handle the clean-up and recycling of the demolished materials? Demolition work comes with a lot of waste products and a huge pile of debris. This has to be cleared and that is not an easy task either. So, enquire about the details of all this after work services. If they assure you that they would handle all the clean-up and recycling work, ask whether the pricing is included in the original cost estimate.
  7. Will you get all the local city and municipal permits?
    There are several permits needed to be acquired from the city planners and the local municipal corporation. Ask the demolition contractor if they take all the responsibility of getting the permits. They are experienced and have knowledge about all the permits and other formalities. So, it is preferable that the hired demolition contractor deals with the permits. But before hiring them, ensure that you expect them to.
  8. What about the asbestos removal services? Old homes have a lot of hazardous asbestos which, when inhaled can cause breathing diseases. So, before demolition, the house has to be inspected of asbestos and if its presence is detected, it should be removed with professional techniques. So, ask your demolition contractors if they will handle the asbestos threats.  

After getting a proper reply to all these questions, ask for a quote. If you don’t get satisfactory replies to any of the above questions, then you shouldn’t hire that particular demolition contractor. Also, if the price seems to be too real to be true, it definitely is not true. It would be preferable to get quotes from multiple demolition contractors before finalising one.

Published by Jack Louis