When purchasing CDN benefit there are a ton of variables which go it to play. Clearly, you need the best administration at the best cost. Utilize the accompanying as manual for help you while talking with CDN specialist organizations.

1. Data transfer capacity needs

What are your data transfer capacity needs? Is it true that you will utilize 50GB/month or 50TB/month? CDNs charge by GB exchanged (by and large). In case you're just conveying a little measure of activity, it may not be important to buy CDN benefit. You may have the capacity to escape with increasing your present web have supplier from a mutual domain to a devoted situation. Possibly it's a great opportunity to move to a business class web have, rather than that $5/month supplier you're utilizing now.

It doesn't bode well to pay a Tier 1 CDN a large number of dollars a year to convey 4 recordings. In case you're having such a great amount of issues with your video or programming downloads, at that point take a gander at the underlying driver and fix it!

2. System Performance

All CDNs of all shapes and sizes say they have the best system! There are essentially 3 sorts of CDNs: Internet based, Peering/Private based, and Peer to Peer (P2P).

About the main Internet based CDN is Akamai. Akamai has a large number of servers everywhere. At that point utilizing some extravagant calculations, they course activity from 1 PoP to the following getting your substance onto the foundation of whatever ISP your end client is on. They at that point reserve the substance in that nearest PoP so the following individual in that locale/ISP has the substance effectively near them. Clearly, this technique functions as Akamai is the greatest CDN on the globe and brags the most clients.

3. Innovation

Does your CDN bolster the innovation you require? All CDNs will convey content through HTTP Progressive download. Be that as it may, does your CDN bolster genuine Flash Streaming (RTMP), genuine Windows Media Streaming (MMS, RTSP), Quicktime or Real Media spilling? Shouldn't something be said about Flash Live or Windows Media Live? Would they be able to do MP3 Live? Do they have a Token Based Authentication secure URL item? Would they be able to do pseudo-Flash spilling? Do they have any extraordinary administrations for HD conveyance? Shouldn't something be said about a versatile CDN stage? Is it simple to get substance to the CDN.

4. Different items and administrations

What else can your CDN of decision improve the situation you? Do they have an expert administrations division? Would they be able to help with adaptation? Do they offer encoding/transcoding? Shouldn't something be said about computerized rights administration (DRM)? Do they offer a live occasion checking administration? Is there a substance administration framework or computerized resource administration framework accessible? Does your administration incorporate embeddable media players? Would they be able to reserve entire sites? Do they bolster web based business or shopping baskets?

5. Bolster What sort of help can your CDN offer?

Request the quantity of the helpdesk and call it. How rapidly did they reply? Did you get a man or simply phone message? Is there email bolster accessible? Do you approach specialized faculty amid the reconciliation stage? Who do you call on the off chance that you have an inquiry concerning your bill? Does your CDN even offer help? What happens on the off chance that you cancel in the hours? What does their Service Level Agreement resemble? Most CDNs offer a 100% SLA, however what does that extremely mean and how would you get credit in the event that they don't meet their SLA?

6. Contracts Does your CDN require a yearly contract?

Do they offer a month-to-month contract? Is it true that they are requesting that you focus on a base measure of cash every month regardless of whether you utilize that much? What happens on the off chance that you go over your submit, what amount is that going to cost you? Would you be able to pay with a charge card? Do you need to pay with a charge card?

7. Life span

To what extent has your CDN been doing business? Is it true that they are subsidized by funding? Do they have colossal measures of extraordinary obligation? Is it true that they are confronting a questionable law suit by a contender? What amount of trade do they have out the bank? In the course of recent months there have been some real moves in the CDN business. There have been various players who have everything except vanished. There have been a few acquisitions and mergers, and some significant players are draining money so much that they may not be around in the following a year. Be cautious about putting content on a touchy CDN. Research them freely and check whether they have had any real protestations or extreme blackouts.

8. Cost Notice cost is at the base of the rundown?

His is on account of cost ought not be your main concern. You will discover immense contrasts in cost from CDN to CDN. Hope to pay anyplace from a couple of pennies for each GB up to over $1 per GB. There are various elements that will manage what you pay. Try not to hope to get a similar estimating that a major kid like Netflix will get when you are passing 200GB/month. Your cost will be founded on how much activity you pass. The more you pass, the less expensive the cost will be. Additionally, the majority of alternate things said above will factor in your cost.


Consider every one of these components when choosing which CDN to run with. The greatest factor is how much activity you are going to pass. You may have a fabulous time driving that Lexus, yet you can even now get the chance to work in your Toyota. Pick a CDN that addresses your issues and fits your financial plan.

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