While food is scarce in many parts of the world, there are people out there with easy access to food but choose not to eat it because they’re fussy eaters. In the UK alone, about 20 tonnes of food is wasted each year and you’re contributing to that when you pick the peas out of your dinner and dump it in the bin. Now, from a perspective of someone who’s not fussy with their meals, here’s what only we can relate to. 

1. It kills you when someone will not buy a cheaper brand of fish fingers because it’s not Bird’s Eye and makes an aggressive complaint to the store manager for running out. Sigh.


“You’re telling me you’ve run out of Bird’s Eye Fish Fingers? I’m gonna go ape.”


“I’m afraid so, but we do have tuna eyes if you’re interested.” (Image from Pinterest)

2. Why is everyone so hyped up about Oreos? They taste exactly the same as other dark chocolate biscuits with cream fillings!


The only difference is the price. Stop wasting your money!

3. Butter and margarine. Remind me, which one’s which and what is the point?


It is butter.

4. “It’s quality, not quantity.” No. It’s quantity, dear. I’m starving. It all goes in my belly anyway. The more, the better.


(Image from Imgur)

5. Cooking shows. How is a centimetre-sized piece of fish supposed to fill you up? Stop worrying about it looking pretty and put a whale on my plate!

“Excuse me, I ordered your smoked salmon appetiser but…”


6. You get confused when someone asks if you’d prefer a Coke or a Pepsi. Mate, they are exactly the same. It’s just different coloured packaging…

jesus wine.jpg

7. It’s frustrating when someone says, “I don’t like crispy fried locusts.” How do you know when you haven’t tried?!


8. There is one thing I will not eat: dogs. Because they’re ugly and I hate them.

Published by Arm Wongsurin