At present, it is quite common that most of the people use the public Wi-Fi network to access the internet. But are you sure that your data and personal details are safe when you use them? The answer won't satisfy you since it is a big ‘no'. Your location and data are accessible to the admins of the internet service providers. This makes most of the public network users to look for the excellent ways to use Wi-Fi network safely on any of the devices. Here are some of the important tips to make use of public network safety.

Use your own Wi-Fi
There is no doubt that the real protection against any of the untrusted public network is to keep a distance away from it. The best way to enjoy safe surfing the public areas is to carry your own Wi-Fi mobile hotspot. This wireless product help assures maximum protection for your surfing.

Make use of VPN service
VPN or Virtual Private Network assure maximum protection for you from all of the untrusted networks. The virtual network never discloses your data and personal details with internet service provider or any of the other agencies. You can use Wi-Fi public networks at any place without worrying about your security and privacy. VPN network acts as a bridge between the user and internet service provider and both the websites and the internet service provider doesn't that who and where you came from.
You can make use of third-party VPN service provider or can get your own VPN at your home depending on your requirement and budget. VPN is paid service but the cost is really reasonable when compared with the benefits of the same.

Use HTTPS everywhere you can
HTTPS works anywhere and hence make use of the same everywhere. HTTPS shows that you are on the secured versions of the website. Even though it does not give complete security, you can make sure that your connection to the given site is secure. At present most of the website have gone secure to assure safe surfing and transaction for the user.
This means very least information from and to the site is encrypted and make sure that any of the agents or person snooping on your online surfing doesn't get anything useful or sensitive. Snooping in simple words means any sort of activities by someone or anyone in the network looking for passwords, credit card numbers or session cookies to access your accounts.

Make use of privacy protecting browser extensions
The next tips to use public Wi-Fi network safety is to make use of privacy protecting browser extensions. There is no doubt you may be using antimalware. But it gives protection only from your downloads. There are privacy protection browser extensions you can install that give your warning about the unsafe websites, hijacking, clickjacking and more. This helps you being safe from these threats to assure safe use of personal accounts including Facebook, Amazon etc.

Turn off Sharing
There is nothing wrong with sharing files and printers on your home or office. But when you are on a public network, it is better to turn off the sharing option since anyone can get access to your details including hacker. You can easily turn off the sharing option from your settings.

Keep antimalware and antivirus and up to date
There is no doubt that most of the internet users make use of antimalware and complimentary antivirus in their systems to assure maximum safety. But most of them fail to update the same at frequent intervals. This is not good especially when you make use of a public Wi-Fi network. Keep your antimalware and antivirus updated to assure a good level of security for your internet activities even though it doesn't provide you with complete protection.

Turn off Wi-Fi when not in use
This is where most of the internet surfers make the great mistake. They simply turn on the Wi-Fi to share it with public networks that are not trusted in most of the cases and keep the Wi-Fi on even after the usage. Most of the users don't consider about turning off the Wi-Fi when not in use. But keep in mind that it is the basic rule of security that doesn't connect the Wi-Fi when you don't need anything out of it.

Better to use Semi-Open Wi-Fi networks  
You may not get the options to select the type of network in most of the cases. But it is better to make use of semi-open Wi-Fi networks instead of completely open networks if there is an option for the same. Apart from these tips, it always practices good internet hygiene. Don't try to work with sensitive data with unsecured Wi-Fi public networks.
These are some of the important tips to enjoy safe surfing whit public Wi-Fi networks. It is the way you follow and practice these tips that assure maximum privacy protection for your data.

Published by Mudassar Ali