We all live in a world with a crazy rhythm that obliges us  to open more time at work than to enjoy the one chance in life that we are given. The pressure to succeed and earn more money for financial stability is the key driver in our society today. So what is there we could do to improve work life balance? 

1. Lunch breaks: Lunch break is crucial! You have to take at least 30 minutes for lunch and preferably out of office or in at least in make sure you are not eating in front of your computer. First of all, a change in the middle of the day is almost a necessity to freshen up your mind and you will be more efficient at work later! And most importantly, it is not healthy to eat and work at the same time!

2. Early mornings: This might sound obvious and at the same time the lazy part of you is going like "how early is early, exactly?". It is important to stay your day with a nice shower and come in to work early. You will be more efficient and if you need a stronger argument: keep in mind you get to leave earlier if you come in earlier!

3. Colleagues: Whilst I am all for separating professional from personal, sometimes being close with your colleagues helps you out. For instance, it is important to vent sometimes to your colleagues, as these are the people who know your working situation better than your boyfriends/girlfriends/spouses. Be careful and entrust the right colleagues, remember not everyone can be trusted!

5. Sports: Do sports outside of work or with your colleagues at lunch! Exercise is always a good idea, trust me!

6. Sleep: We all have the mega waves of stress, workovenload and time when we are absolutely obliged to stay behind and work longer hours. Sleep, however, should not be neglected! Try to have at least 7 hours of sleep per day. This is important for you to feel good and fresh at work the next day, which increases your efficiency! 

7. Organising/Reminders/Notes: If you want to be more efficient without feeling extra pressure and without having your thoughts wonder all over the place, try this: write down a checklist of your tasks, use post-its for reminders and take proper notes at meetings. This will help you be better prepared at work and will remove any un-needed stress at work - which will make you more efficient, give you a confidence boost and generally make you happy.

8. Be yourself:  Remember no matter what you do at work or out, be yourself! Be authentic, respect others and appreciate your colleagues! By being yourself and not pretending to be anyone else, you will feel much more confident and be more efficient!

If you have any other tips, feel free to comment below!

Published by Karina Saakyan