8 years ago I was diagnosed with Clinical Depression and Social Anxiety Disorder (later with Generalised Anxiety Disorder). So I thought I'd write about my 8 years. I've spent 8 years with an ongoing battle in my brain. It never stops, it doesn't even stop to allow my to sleep.

8 years of minimal sleep.

8 years of unexplained mood swings.

8 years of laying awake at night staring at the ceiling for hours.

8 years of not being able to get out of bed without arguing with my own mind.

8 years of thinking I might be going insane.

8 years of migraines from stress.

8 years of stressing so much that I become physically sick.

8 years of different medications to find something that helps.

8 years of feeling nothing and everything all at once.

8 years of losing too many friends because they don't know how to deal with my mental illnesses.

8 years of only experiencing glimpses of happiness.

8 years of trying to decide if I was destined to survive this earth.

8 years of deciding I can.

8 years of finding friends that are always going to pick me up after every fall.

8 years of realising I have the most supportive and loving family I could've asked for.

8 years of believing there is life after depression.

And 8 years of fighting for that life.

Depression isn't easy. It's not something that's made up because you're sad sometimes. Depression is degrading, however sharing your story helps others. Yesterday was RUOK? Day. It's never the wrong time to ask if someone is okay.

Finally, 8 years of deciding I'm going to spread awareness about depression, to help others struggling. You're not alone. I'm with you.

Published by Jenna Craine