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East Farewell – It was already hot by 9:30AM, almost 79 degrees. The water temperature was a mild 68 degrees very unusual for Lake Charles. All these conditions made the 4th annual “Swim Across the Lake” ideal for the 150 participants and 100 racers who all jumped in the lake from a very wide “entry funnel” created by organizers, Hugh Reston and Frank Dunlap that ran all along the Lakefront Plaza beach and over onto the Fun Pier beach when the starting cannon boomed. The “entry funnel” led all the swimmers into a fifty foot wide swimming lane that stretched across the entire lake and contained the massive group. All along the lane borders was a virtual flotilla of rowboats and small speedboats, even a mast-less sunfish or two kept to watch over the swimmers. There were several boats filled with fans and spectators that moved along the outside of the lanes as the swimmers progressed across the lake.

            This year saw some other changes instituted by organizers Dunlap and Reston. Instead of landing on Raleigh Beach, the beach owned by N.U.D.E. (Nothing Until Democracy Evolves), a local nudist organization, Reston and Dunlap rented North Shore beach that is owned by the Reese family, former owners of the Reese farm that is now the Reese Links, the local golf club that is hosting next week’s Golf Tournament. “The increase in the number of people that were going to land on the other side of the lake made Raleigh Beach really unusable this year. No, we did not have any reservations about Mr. Logan (N.U.D.E.’s president and spokesman) showing up au natural. We spoke with him and explained the situation and he agreed with the changes. He is a wonderful person and said he do his best to shield the beach from prying eyes during the race,” said Frank Dunlap before the race.

            There were only three incidents where swimmers had to be assisted by rescue boats and all incidents were deemed minor. All the swimmers that need assistance had overestimated the length of the race basically had to quit before they were able to finish. The race was won this year by a local Regional High graduate, Neil Ross. He graduated from Regional High two years ago and is currently a sophomore attending the prestigious University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. This year with the course change the race was a little longer. It was an even 3 miles, three tenths of a mile longer than the former races. Ross was able to cross the lake in 1 hour and 47 minutes, a very good clip. The female winner was Gail Stevenson, another Regional High grad but she is currently in her senior year nearby Gettysburg College. Her time was also very impressive at 1 hour, 58 minutes. Last year’s winner, David Wilson finished second and Ruth Steele, at a ripe old age of 25 finished second in the woman’s division. After the race there was a ribbon ceremony on North Shore beach and most folks drifted back to town or headed over to the ballpark to tailgate before the Travelers game. Once again the organizational skills of Reston and Dunlap shone brightly throughout the whole event. From the early planning stages and the recruitment of a top notch group of volunteers to the securing of all permits and rental agreements both men led with exceptional direction and vision. The whole day was full of fun and good competition and turned out to be a wonderful summer highlight.

Swimmers take off in 1959 Swim Across the Lake



East Farewell – The evening was still hot but the ballpark was packed. The Travelers walked on the field holding onto a four game winning streak and the Vikings came into town with the same credentials. Both came to play. The Travelers sent ace pitcher, Joe Nagy and the Vikings matched with their ace, Phil Burkhart, both put outstanding effort into their games and both pithed nine innings. Unfortunately for Burkhart the game went into extra innings and he was relieved in the 12th inning by rookie, Sam Nelson, who ended up letting the Travelers Johnny Cloos hit a game winning double to win and end the game in the bottom of the 13th inning, 3-2.

            Both pitchers were perfect for the first four innings and a buzz started through the crowd that something special was happening. Then in the fifth the Vikings brought Nagy’s perfect game to an end when Jimmy Wentworth hit a single over Archibald’s head. The Vikings scored first when their slugger, Hans Weise, hammered a double into right scoring Wentworth. Nagy then doubled down and struck out the rest of the side stranding Weis. The Travelers didn’t have an answer to Burkhart until the sixth when Dimero singled, then Joey Brown smacked a double but stuck Dimero at third. Archibald tried a suicide squeeze bunt but it failed taking out Dimero. Nagy struck out but then Ralph Francis caught up to one of Burkhart’s fastballs and put the Travelers ahead 2-1. Undaunted, the Vikings struck back in the ninth and tied it up at 2-2. The extra innings both teams showed signs of fatigue but the Travelers were able to get hits off Nelson in the 13th and Johnny Cloos finally doubled to end it bringing in Dale Dunham for the walk off win. The game ran a long 3 hours 30 minutes but the fans did not seem to care. The night air was still warm at 11:00PM hovering around 65 degrees. Most people walked home through town and enjoyed the late night sky in East Farewell.

            The Travelers go on the road next week as they visit the Albany Senators. The game begins in Albany at 1:30PM, Saturday in the historic Albany Stadium.



Vice President Nixon says that Soviet Premier Khrushchev believes the United States is weak, sinking economically and split over foreign policy. Nixon said Khrushchev’s forthcoming visit to the U.S. would be worthwhile if it removes “his miscalculation” about U.S. strength and determination. The net effect Nixon added could advance the cause of peace.

Premier Castro of Cuba declares that General Trujillo of the Dominican Republic, and old foe, is a power-mad dictator guilty of disturbing the peace. He contends that Trujillo, the Organization of American States and the U.S. State Department are all in league against his revolutionary government.

Exiled dictator Fulgencio Batista of Cuba and his party immigrate to the Portuguese Madeira Islands, where he is granted political asylum by the Portuguese government. Batista had taken refuge in the Dominican Republic January 1 after the Cuban revolution - but that became an embarrassment to the Trujillo regime.

In the first disaster of the jet age - a $5 million American Airlines Boeing 707 jetliner carrying five crewmen on training flight crashes in a Long Island potato field killing all. The crash was about 70 miles east of New York City.

Earthquakes in Montana kill eight and injure 60 in the Southwestern portion of the state. The shocks were felt in Yellowstone Park.

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