Thursday, August 22, 1957   Vol. C634



East Farewell – The 5th annual Bar-B-Que cook-off took place on Lakefront Plaza on Saturday. Fifteen different “big” grillers were joined by about 30 “small” grillers on the Plaza making for a congested, smoke filled, sweet smelling congregation of skewer swinging chefs who shouted, laughed and shared recipes with each other. The “big” grillers were entrants who set up booths with a large grill or smoker along with tables for fixings, beverages and in some cases chairs for sampling. The “small” grillers were mostly backyard grills with a small tables set up for utensils and fixings. Big or small every chef had a secret recipe for making the best bar-b-que. The Smokers lit up their smokers at 6:00AM and the rest followed throughout the day depending on what they were cooking. By noon the Plaza was filled with smoke and the smell of ribs, pork and brisket. Officially, the only products being judged were ribs, brisket, pork and chicken but that didn’t stop some grillers from throwing on some steaks, burgers and even fish.

            The Plaza was also filled with all sorts of helpers, well wishers and people looking for free samples by midday and the grills and smokers were working at full capacity. Throughout the crowd almost the entire Travelers baseball team was on hand. While only Johnny Cloos and Joe Nagy were officially involved the team has become part of the town and often joins in the festivities. By 4:00 the judges had set up their booth and a large chalk board was set up with the different categories and promptly at 4:15 the judges told the grillers to start bringing their creations up to the table for review. The order of presentation had been previously decided through a lottery and the first to present was last year’s winner, Jimmy Drake. This year he recreated last year’s winner, spicy hot, caramelized short ribs with a splendid presentation of greens and corn.  The judges, a celebrity lineup made up of Travelers stars Johnnie Cloos and Joe Nagy, war vet and local businessman Ralph Dimaio and local chef Lara Driscoll all were very serious about their duty. Each would inspect the presentation, smell it and carefully taste a sample of every dish. Cloos and Nagy were very discerning as they lingered over each dish and would discuss the presentation and sample several times to “get the full experience of the dish” as a sauce covered face Cloos said. Each contestant brought up their dish and the judges would look over, smell and finally taste each entry while the cook explained what he or she was presenting. After all the cooks made their presentation the judges conferred with each other, compared their notes and then announced their decision.

            This year’s winner was local restaurant chef, Al Davis, from the Lost Oasis. This year he offered an amazing baby back rib dish with his own special sauce that wowed the judges. His sauce was a “secret family recipe” handed down from his great uncle Ray. Coming in second was a female senior from Regional High School, Missy Waller with her well presented brisket and sauce and in third was Jimmy Drake’s short ribs.

            The grilling did not stop with the judging it went on well into the evening. It wasn’t until just before the baseball game started at 7:50 that the Plaza finally started to clear out. Both Johnny Cloos and Joe Nagy had left earlier but they said a long goodbye as they made their way through the crowd signing autographs and sampling dishes the were not brought up for the judging. A wonderful food filled day for all. 

Missy Waller, Jimmy Drake & Al Davis at the grill



East Farewell – Sam ‘Cat’ Caterno and the Ondita Cougars did not visit the Bar-B-Que Cookoff but the Travelers wish he had. If he had he might not have been able to pitch the one hit wonder he unleashed on the Travelers. The Travelers on the other hand were all involved with the Cookoff and while it can’t be positively said the team looked a little sluggish on the field and in the batter’s box, they seemed one half step behind the Cougars and out of touch with each other. Perhaps, if they had all taken a nap before the game things would have been different.

            Caterno came in leading the league in strike outs and in the top five of scoreless innings. He dominated the Travelers, allowing only one hit and that wasn’t until the eighth inning. Otherwise he was flawless. The Cougars were able to rack up four runs scattered throughout the game, enough to win 4-0. The only hit the Travelers were able to come up with was bloop single by Joey Brown in the eight. He was left stranded as Caterno went on to strike out the side.

            The Travelers were not in this game from the start and all they can do is take their showers get dressed and move on. Next week they meet another pitching ace in ‘Howlin’ Frank Fowler with the Bedford Bears. They will travel to nearby Bedford and do not expect a big home town crowd to follow due to the Music & Arts Fair taking place in East Farewell. The game begins at 1:30 on Saturday in the Bedford.



Civil Rights Bill Passed - “Most That Could Be Done This Year” says President Eisenhower as the civil rights bill is passed by the House, even though it fell short of what the President wanted.  The measure was put to a motion by Sen. Strom Thurmond of South Carolina, who wanted to send it to the Judiciary Committee, but a vote by the senate was successful enough to shunt the move.  Thurmond conducted a one-man (24 hour-19 minute filibuster) against the bill.

In Nashville, segregationist John Kasper at a rally, warns Negroes registering for first integration of public schools in a Deep South metropolis to “get out.” He told a crowd - “We’re going to talk to them and tell them if they want to avoid the shotgun, dynamite and rope they had better get out of the white schools.”

Senate Rackets investigators abruptly call off their grilling of Teamsters Union Boss James R. Hoffa with the charge that “the witness has no memory.”

Teamster’s Western boss Frank Brewster, receives the maximum penalty for contempt of Congress - a year in jail and a $1000 fine.

A federal grand jury indicts Teamster President Dave Beck on seven counts of tax evasion. His son, Dave Jr., is accused of conspiring to aid in the evasion.

Music news - Ricky Nelson (17) has a recording contract approved by a judge. The one-year contract with Imperial Records has a year’s option and gives Ricky approximately 5% of the record sales. 50% of Ricky’s earnings will go into a savings trust fund established with his earnings from participation in his family’s TV show.

Milton Berle signs with Roulette Records to do a series of albums as a conductor, following the likes of Jackie Gleason, Phil Silvers, Steve Allen, Frank Sinatra and Alan Freed. He just cut his first, conducting a 40-pice orchestra and a chorus of 26 voices. Most recently, Phil Silvers did the Columbia album - Phil Silvers and Swingin’ Brass with “Sgt. Bilko” fronting a brass band. Frank Sinatra fronted a symphony orchestra at Columbia a few years ago.


Published by JD Carroll