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East Farewell - The East Farewell Ice House supplies ice for many different restaurants, hotels and individual customers in the entire mid-valley area. It has been in business for over forty years, being established back when electricity was not available everywhere in the area and people would have ice delivered to their homes. Howard Ellsworth has owned and operated the business since 1938 and has seen many changes, made many changes and adapted the business to keep it going. Over the weekend a valve in the main generation machine got stuck open and created over two tons of shredded ice, much like snow or the crushed ice found in the favorite summer treat, a snow-cone. The incident started around 10:30PM on Saturday night when the plant was closed. The ice continued to build in the receiving room overnight and into Sunday midday when Ellsworth discovered the calamity on a routine check of the premises. He quickly located and corrected the faulty valve but was stuck with all whole lot of ice/snow spread all over his plant. He quickly called his staff and alerted the fire department and police. While there was no immediate danger there was quite a mess. After consulting with fire department and police a call was placed to Tom Connelly, town council president, and he was able to okay a plan to dispose of the chilly mess. Ellsworth quickly called some friends with large dump trucks and got everyone of his staff a shovel and started shoveling the snowy mix into the back of the dump trucks. The pile filled four trucks and then much to the chagrin and delight of many people on the beach by the Lakefront Plaza started dumping it right on the beach by the shore of Lake Charles. 

            The temperatures were hoovering in the mid-70s and the snowy mix started melting immediately. The beach goers did have time to grab some handfuls and a snowball fight broke out even as the last truck was dumping its load. The pile of snow was very impressive, about ten feet high and at least fifteen feet across. There were about 50 people, of all ages, on the beach and once the fun stated many more joined from the Plaza and the Fun Pier. By the time the pile was exhausted there must have been well over 100 people caught up in the fun fray. The entire group was soaking wet and laughing. Many jumped into the lake while others just picked up towels and wiped themselves off. The hot sun dried off the rest and the whole event was over within 30 minutes but for those 30 minutes there was complete chaos on the beach. Good, fun chaos.

Massive snowball fight on the beach 1959




East Farewell – The Travelers made their dominance over the Erie Eagles known early in the game on Saturday. The Traveler’s pitcher, Buzz “The Burner” Barnett, used his notorious fastball to mow down the Eagles striking out a personal record of 12 and only allowing 5 hits as the Travelers handily beat the Eagles 8-1. Barnett did not let an Eagle on base until the fourth inning and then the Travelers defense kept the Eagles in check by pulling off a double play on the next batter. The Eagles were only able to advance one runner past first, Jamie Duncan, who was able to get to third on a hit, a rare walk and an even rarer passed ball by Joey Brown. Duncan was stranded though, as Barnett went on to strike out two and a Dunham to Watson grounder ended the worst inning for the Travelers.

            On the offensive side the Travelers started early and let Eagles pitcher, Frank Bell, know he was in for a long day as the first three hitters, Francis, Dunham and Watson, got on base and then Johnny Cloos came up and Bell’s day got even worse. Bell took Cloos to 3-2 and tried to blow his famous fastball by him but Cloos was waiting and walloped long drive into the gap between right and center that went to the wall and cleared the bases. The Travelers did not let up on Bell and he was mercifully relieved in the seventh by Kevin Walker but by then the Travelers had scored three more runs. Walker was strong in the seventh but in the eighth he let in two runs with a double to Archibald and a long homer by Billy Sweet. The Travelers defense was very tight, too. In addition to the double play and all of Barnett’s strikeouts they kept the Eagles off the bases and except for Brown’s passed ball played with a keen sense mission.

            The Travelers enjoy one more home game next week before they go on the road. The Monticello Vikings come into town next week to face the red hot Travelers. The Vikings have been very hot themselves, riding in on a four game winning streak. The game promises to be a battle. It is an evening game and starts at 7:05PM in the ballpark.



Vice President Nixon says his cordial reception by the Russian people shows that Soviet propaganda has failed in its effort to make the average soviet citizen hate Americans. This failure plus a genuine longing for peace among the Russian masse, is the “only explanation for the tremendous outpouring of friendship” toward him on his recent visit behind the Iron Curtain said Nixon.

Gov. Orval E. Faubus says he saw nothing to be gained by opposing the violence the integration of Little Rock’s public high schools this week. The governor went on Little Rock television and accused the school board and police chief Gene Smith of becoming puppets for the federal government, but he urged citizens to fight integration through the election of officials who would not betray them. More on Little Rock - Two Negroes integrated Central High School as club-swinging police held back a crowd of jeering segregationists. At least 24 persons were arrested.

Downtown Rosenburg, Oregon - A truck loaded with six and a half tons of explosives catches fire from a burning building and explodes, killing 10 persons and injuring more than 100. The immediate area was virtually leveled in this town of 12,200.

Premier Castro flies suddenly to Las Villas province where government troops are reported to be fighting unidentified counter-revolutionary forces. Fidel Castro’s forces smash a two-pronged air-sea invasion of Cuban territory and foil a threatened uprising. Around 3,000 persons are reported rounded up in the Castro regime’s harsh military drive against alleged counterrevolutionary plotters.

Explorer VI, described as the “greatest satellite” and carrying the most comprehensive scientific package yet, was hurled into space by the United States. Scientists say it will relay data from space as long as a year.

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