The other week I posted the Back To School Beauty Guide  on my blog http://Theglamisland.wordpress.comand this post is an all-round college guide. I will be a Senior this school year and I will be graduating in the Spring. This guide will give tips on how to take advantage of your glory college years and make great connections and eventually graduate.

  1. Stay on campus the first year-I know on-campus housing does not always have the best prices or amenities but they usually have a lot of activities in each building so that you can get to know your classmates and roommates better. Also, if you're running late to class you won't be too far away. If you don't like the idea of a dorm, some colleges offer on-campus apartments that have the same benefits and community-like feel.
  2. Get out of your dorm! Try not to stay in your dorm that much. I was hardly ever in my dorm when I had one. I would do my homework with friends in the lobby but if you prefer a quieter atmosphere, the library is a good choice. 
  3. Attend Events -Colleges usually have many events going on. There's usually something going on everyday, you just have to follow the right social media pages and make friends with upperclassmen that are in the loop. Organizations often have movie nights, free food, and concerts. If you cannot find someone to go with you, don't be afraid to go by yourself.
  4. Join an Organization or two- Every college student should be a part of something. I would advice you to join an organization related to your major and another one just for fun. For example, if you are a public relations major that loves fashion, become a part of the Public Relations Student Society of America and a fashion interest club, if there is one. If not, try to start your own.
  5. Get an internship-Even if you're a freshman, you can definitely benefit from an internship. It's never too early to start gaining experience in your field. A lot of industries look for entry level employees to already have some sort of related experience. The more internships, the better!
  6. Make friends for different activities-In college there are many of your typical party people that don't study and studious people that do not go anywhere at all. Make sure you have a diverse group of friends because you don't want to miss out on fun events, or homework assignments.
  7. Smallest meal plan-Some schools have meal plans that cost way more than they are worth. To save money, get a smaller meal plan and buy your own groceries.
  8. Rent Books on Amazon or CheggThis is said many times but textbooks are really expensive. Check Amazon or Chegg and compare the textbook prices. It may be $200 at your school and only $18 to rent online.
  9. Connect with professors and classmates-If you have chosen a major, meet with the professors and students outside of class to make sure you understand the material. They can also give you career tips and may be able to help you score internships or jobs. Make sure the professors know you well because they may become a contact person or you may need a letter of recommendation in the future.

College is a great time to find yourself and explore various subjects. Make the most of it and keep yourself busy! 

What tips do you have for incoming freshmen? If you are going to be a freshman, do you find these tips helpful? 

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Published by Jayla Kearney