Xiaomi is the 3rd world’s largest seller of smartphones, and 1st largest seller of smartphones in Asia.

In fact, in 2014 they managed to sell 2.1 million smartphones in just one day! Yeah you read it right

2.1 million of smartphones in just one day. Now this is the reason some people also call it the Apple

of China.

Xiaomi's Redmi phones have a lot to offer. These phones can do a lot of cool stuff that many people

don’t even know about!

Here are some cool tricks you can try!


1. Using the built-in IR blaster, the MI remote app can convert the Redmi into a universal

remote control for electronic devices like the television, air conditioner, AV receiver etc.


2. No more tediously pressing the power button every time you want to check the time on

your phone. Just double tap on your screen to wake it up.


3. Don’t strain your eyes reading in the dark. The Redmi allows you to enable ‘Read Mode’ in

which you can also personalize the read mode screen’s filter strength. You can also schedule

the mode for certain times and for specific apps alone.


4. Enable pocket mode before tucking your phone into your jeans. This locks touch gestures on

the phone, making sure you don’t risk pocket dialing your boss at 2am.


5. Using this you can install two WhatsApp accounts with dual SIM, and two Facebook and

Instagram accounts.


Watch how to create Two WhatsApp accounts on YouTube


6. With the Redmi, you can disconnect calls instantly by pressing the power button. It’s great

for when you’re in a rush, and it looks pretty cool too.


7. These devices come equipped with a pre-installed app lock. This means you don’t have to

download any other app to lock up the apps on your phone! All you need to do is set a

password before locking the apps.


8. Open the wi-fi network on your Redmi, which opens up a QR Code. Allow the other user to

scan the QR code on his/her device and connect to the wi-fi.


9. While taking a screen shot, tap on the scroll option at the bottom and scroll down. This will

give you one continuous, long screen shot of your page.

Published by Asheer Raza