People from the younger generation nowadays are used to the idea of having gadgets of all shapes and sizes available for them. Apart from cell phones, game consoles, laptops and tablets, there are many other things that many college students would definitely enjoy having as these can help make their very busy life a whole lot easier to manage. Check out these nine awesome gadgets that offer a variety of productivity, efficiency and health solutions to college students who get to have them.

Wi-Fi Coffee Maker

Don’t you just love waking up to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee? Make your mornings better everyday by having this Wi-Fi coffee maker prepare you a hot cup of joe. This smart coffee maker can be automated just by setting up its start up timer or by connecting it with your smartphone. Simply fill the grinds with your preferred coffee grounds the day before and by the next morning, you just wake up and start your day with a warm cup of coffee as scheduled, care of your friendly Wi-Fi coffee maker. Perfect for any busy student who prefer to start their day with a mug of coffee on their hands first thing in the morning. No fuss, just coffee.

Fitbit Flex

Make exercising more interactive and high-tech with this fitness tracking watch -- the Fitbit Flex. Compared to other competing brands, the Flex is more affordable and is water resistant, so you can even wear it while taking a shower. Perfect for the entry-level fitness enthusiasts as this watch will allow them to keep track of how far or close they are to meeting their fitness goal.

This watch is more discreet and looks more like a wristband, but it can be worn as a simple piece of accessory. Its simple band has a push-in clasp strap, and it brain is not built into the rubbery band but lives within a slightly-reinforced part of it. This gives you the option to replace the rubber strap, in case it has already shown signs of deterioration. Straps come in different color, too.

For you to make the most out of this fitness tracker, you can simply hook it up to your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy smartphone, or even transfer your fitness data to a computer via Bluetooth. You can also make use of the small dongle that comes with this fitness tracker, and this will allow you to easily sync your fitness progress tracking to your computer whenever you come into range.

USB Laptop Backpack

Who would have thought that you can upgrade even the already very handy backpack? If you are looking for more ways to make use of your backpack, then why not get your own USB laptop backpack instead? This bag is no longer just a portable storage for your laptop, gadgets, notebooks, and water bottle. This USB backpack now makes it possible for you to charge up your phone and set it up for GPS tracking, just in case you lose it.

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom

Love music? Well, if you do, and if you prefer to listen to them out loud and would like to share your beats with the people around you, then the Wonderboom Bluetooth speaker from Ultimate Ears might just do the trick. Another amazing feature of this little speaker, apart from the fact that it’s very portable, is that it’s waterproof! It can be immersed in liquid up to a meter from the surface for 30 minutes.

It’s 360-degree sound can play music out loud with a bright and balanced bass. Whether you love listening, dancing or singing along to music, you can bring the party anywhere. Whether you’re at beach, in a pool or even in the shower or hot tub, expect nothing but good music from this awesome piece of accessory. It can provide you ten long hours of non-stop music, anywhere, anytime. Plus, for a louder, more banging party, pair up your music source to two Wonderbooms and get a crazier and more pumping music blast that will surely rock your world.

Smart Notebook

Upgrade your note-taking by making it more intuitive and interactive with a handy-dandy smart notebook. There is a lot of great smart notebooks available in the market, with most of them including a pen and easy-to-use app that gives the user an easier way of syncing notes. These smart notebooks allow users to take down notes using a standard pen and paper, while at the same time providing them the option to convert those notes into digital data which can then be edited and altered through an app. These notebooks are gaining more traction and enticing every year, with many other new brands jumping into the digitization game and adding in new, cooler features that makes note-taking more fun and interactive.

Solar Backpack

For students who are usually under the sun and are into using solar power, there are also bags that come with a solar panel for an Earth-friendly option of energy consumption. This new trend in the portable solar power game is definitely a great idea as it lets you make use of the power of the sun to juice up your phone.

This backpack is a good source of power for those who will have no option of charging the normal way, but the panels that go with this backpack will not really provide you the same charging speed that any regular power outlet can give. At the same time, to make the solar backpack work its magic, you will need to keep the panels under direct sunlight to be able to acquire some much needed power for charging.

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

The trend for headphones with noise-cancelling features has grown bigger and continues to innovate. If you love your music and prefer to just be in tune with the words, the rhythm and the beat, then this is definitely a must-have. Most of these headphones, whether it’s the in-ear or over-ear style, are designed to block out distractions, allowing you to enjoy only your music. Some brands also give importance to the user’s comfort by using materials that are durable and stays comfortable even with prolonged use. Whether you prefer the Bluetooth wireless headsets or the regular gadget-ported ones, a pair of noise-cancelling headphones will definitely up your music listening game.

Portable Memory Drives

Keep your important files, music, and videos close to you with a portable, easy to carry memory drive. There is a huge selection of memory drives available in the market, all with varied memory capacity, designs, features and physical attributes. Some drives even have a memory capacity of 16 terabytes and some even higher. So whatever files you’d like to keep, whether it’s for studies, for keeping your music library or to support your video creation and editing needs, you should consider having your own portable hard drive.

LED Desk Lamp

Studying and pulling an all nighter? Then you better make sure that your desk is well illuminated. And what better way to keep your light on than by having an LED desk lamp ready for you anytime you want to get some studying done no matter what time of the night it is. LED lamps are ideal as they are energy efficient and can provide you with sufficient light.

Joining the gadget revolution is definitely a must these days. With so many ways of innovating your daily life as a student, it is high time that you equip yourself with the right set of arsenals such as these cool and clever gadgets.

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