Barbecues, laptops, showers, generators or even an airplane are some of the most revolutionary products that only need solar energy to work. Forget the plugs! These are 10 inventions that you do not need to connect to the power grid.

Portable SOL

Imagine a computer that you can take wherever you want without relying on a plug. This is SOL, the solar laptop that is capable of charging in two hours a battery that gives 10 hours of use. The energy comes through a hinged lid behind the screen that hides a solar panel. Manufactured by the Canadian company WeWi Telecommunications, its goal is to improve education in developing countries.

Solar shower SunShower

Taking a shower has never been so green before. SunShower is an invention created by the New Zealand company spud Ltd. that thanks to a large solar panel located on one side of the tap, is able to heat the water to reach the ideal temperature.

GoSun solar cooker

Imagine going out into the field and being able to boil, bake and fry only with the sun's energy. A GoSun kitchen is a solar gadget that reaches a temperature of up to 370ºC and allows us to cook what we want in just 20 minutes thanks to reflectors that capture sunlight.

Solar barbecues

Another invention that allows us to cook sustainably is solar barbecues. Its operation is simple: they generate heat by concentrating light. For this, they use a parabolic reflector vessel that concentrates the solar rays in its focal axis, where the food for cooking is placed. 

Solar backpacks

Solar backpacks are very practical gadgets to make a break and have always at hand a resource to recharge our electrical devices in a sustainable way.

Solar plug

Imagine being able to carry a plug in your pocket to use whenever you need it. That's what the revolutionary solar plug created. Made of plastic, includes a small solar panel with photovoltaic cells on one side. In the other, a suction cup allows you to attach it to the glass of a window. A small converter is responsible for transforming solar energy into electricity and a battery allows us to store what we do not use to take advantage of it when there is no sun. You need between five and eight hours of sun to charge your batteries one hundred percent.

Solar cars

The solar revolution also reaches the world of automobiles. More and more manufacturers are testing their solar prototypes. And the world solar challenge competition is the best showcase for it. Some examples of cars that only need sunlight to start are eVe, a vehicle that reaches 140 km/h with a range of 500 km; or the Dutch Stella, a family solar car and one of the lightest that exists in the market with 380 kilos.

Solar aircraft

If there is a solar invention capable of leaving us with our mouths open, that is the solar airplane. The most spectacular prototype is the Solar Impulse 2, an aircraft that has the challenge of going around the world without using any type of fuel. Only sunlight. The aircraft is able to stay five days and five nights in flight without having to land.

Solar Powered Generator

Unlike conventional electric generators, Solar Powered Generator lacks fuel tanks because they do not have an internal combustion engine either. Instead, they come prepared with a battery to store the electricity from different sockets. One of them will be through photovoltaic solar panels. In most cases, these solar panels are sold separately and in other models, these are already integrated into the equipment.

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Published by Joseph Nicholls