Have you ever been in the situation when everyone is talking about an apparently amazing classic movie and you just sit there and wonder WTF they’re talking about because you haven’t seen it and have no intention of watching them? And when they try and involve you into the conversation, you’ll respond with these words: “I did not care for [insert movie title here].” Well, he’s a list of movies that I did not care for. P.S. This post was inspired by Peter Griffin. 

1. The Godfather

Yup. Peter Griffin did not care for the Godfather and neither did I. It’s just hours and hours of suited men sitting in an expensive house talking about who to kill next, right? There’s no way I’m sitting through that.

2. Bambi

People say that the saddest they’ve ever been was when Bambi’s mother died. They must have really jolly lives then.

3. Star Wars

People fighting with long lightbulbs. Too childish for me, sorry. Although I do admit I liked The Force Awakens, I did fall asleep somewhere in the middle.

4. Back to the Future

Looks tacky. Let’s not go there. It’s like the equivalent of using pots and pans in a rock band.

5. The Goonies


It wasn’t funny, it was just kids being annoying.

6. Ghostbusters


Maybe it’s because I’m not an eighties kid.

7. ET


8. The Matrix


I’ll probably never get the will to watch this because I have no reason to.

9. The Karate Kid

It’s the same storyline in every single movie, right?

Published by Arm Wongsurin