An elegant, stylish home design hides in unexpected details, impactful changes and remodelling ideas that will turn your home into a hub of elegance, authenticity and comfort.

Let your furniture take the floor

As the most dominant feature in every room, your furniture should feature an elegant, enticing look. By picking the right pieces, you can turn your furniture into a sophisticated focal point. For instance, chic and luxurious sofas can stand out in your living room with their subtle, understated design. If you go with rich, upholstered pieces embellished with soft and enticing throw pillows, you’ll also create an ambience of comfort and warmth, perfect for relaxation and self-indulgence. Even an elegant sofa with simple, classic appeal can make a world of difference and elevate your home décor.

Freshen up your storage solutions

Storage units aren’t only practical additions, but also chic embellishments that will help you maintain a clutter-free and open home. You can style up your old units by repainting them or applying stylish wallpaper on their back surfaces. Introducing new, modern solutions, like chic bed with drawers, is another great way to style up your space elegantly. For a touch of luxury and glamour, you can use marble shelves and create an utterly extravagant look.

Update your lighting fixtures

Not only will lighting help you set the mood in your home, create an enjoyable atmosphere and improve its functionality, but it will also help you elevate your home décor. Introducing lovely floor and table lamps can fill your home with a feeling of cosiness and comfort while an elegant pendant or a luxurious chandelier will add a touch of glamour. You can even update your old lighting fixtures by replacing the lampshades or painting them with metallic spray paint. The important thing is to let them stand out subtly, yet authentically.

Treat your windows stylishly

Window treatments can completely transform the atmosphere in your home and create a specific effect. While long, lush drapes puddling on your floor will create a sophisticated, formal look, light, gauzy curtains will let natural light permeate your home, filling it with positivity. Roman blinds are also a functional solution that can help you keep the solar heat outside and add to the modern appeal of your home.

Design an open, airy space

Stylish, modern homes typically feature an open, airy atmosphere without clutter and with tasteful decorations. Simple updates like removing clutter and applying a fresh coat of bright paint can truly transform your home and make it airier. Designing a space with an unobstructed air flow, light appeal and a functional furniture arrangement will truly enhance your home appeal.

Create a luxe bathroom

Giving your bathroom a luxe update is another great way to boost your home style. You can achieve this by painting your bathroom walls soothing shades or rich neutrals. Introducing opulent accessories, such as soft towels, extravagant bathing products and modern hardware, will help you create an amazing effect. Installing subtle lighting like dimmers is also a practical solution for creating a functional, yet indulgent atmosphere.

Give your kitchen a modern uplift

A functional, well-designed kitchen with a few modern updates is an emblem of style. Minor kitchen remodels, such as updated countertops, freshly painted cabinets and replaced faucets, are among the most impactful and profitable remodelling projects. Introducing modern features, such as recessed lights, ceramic sinks, energy-saving appliances and a more convenient floor plan will undoubtedly boost your home décor and property value.

Dress up your floors

Although bare hardwood floors are an emblem of elegance and sophistication in home design, you can add chic area rugs for an enchanting flair. You can use different materials, layer rugs on top of each other and let their texture come into focus. Not only will they dress up your floors fabulously, but they will also create a comfortable, warm and deep look. For the best effect, you should create a striking contrast between rug and furniture materials. For instance, a modern leather armchair can stand out perfectly against a plush, faux sheepskin rug.

Apply intricate wallpaper

From botanical and floral to geometric and Art Deco-inspired, there are plenty of wallpaper designs that will boost your home style. You can use textured wallpaper on a single wall, transforming it into an accent feature or wallpaper your entire room for a wow effect. Using wallpaper on your ceilings will create a trendy, unexpected look that will draw everyone’s gaze upwards.

Elevating your home décor and boosting its style can be quite easy and budget-friendly. However, you shouldn’t hesitate to invest in pieces that will provide your home with long-lasting quality and appeal.  


Published by Emma Lawson