It’s the wedding of your co-worker, and buying a wedding gift for them seems difficult. It doesn’t matter whether your relationship with them is cordial, friendly, perfect, or that of just an acquaintance, it is still overwhelming to come up with a gift that seems right.

It is nothing to be ashamed about until you know your colleague intimately to gift her/him something shy. It is a difficult situation, but the list we have prepared for you below will help you find something suitable that everyone will certainly like.

Here is the list of things that will make a perfect gift for your co-worker.

An old vintage dinner set

As a newly-wed, they might invite friends or family for dinner or lunch. That is why gifting them a vintage dinner set like an old Havana dinner plate will add a different taste to their kitchen.

A pack of luggage or a floral suitcase for her

A pack of the suitcase will always help the new couple. For a honeymoon, or after especially, if they love traveling; it is one of the best gifts.

Or if your co-worker is a girl who loves floral stuff, you can gift her a floral suitcase too.


If your co-worker loves handmade things or handicraft, there are a lot of options from which you can select a unique gift. Handicrafts items include sculptures, carpets, textiles, and so on.

It is a different type of gift that will certainly suit a wedding. If you are interested in buying a handicraft, visit this website.

Genius Recipes

If you know your colleague to be a foodie who loves to eat and cook, this is just the perfect gift for her. Genius recipes have over 100 dishes from different experts including the likes of Julia Child, the famous American Author.

Belgian Waffle maker

As we all know breakfast is the best meal of the day, and a newlywed can take the support of few tools to kick-start their morning. A Belgium waffle maker will aid them to create tasty waffles for breakfast, or for dessert as their wish.

A fitness watch

For the colleague who is mad about fitness and exercise every day, this is one perfect gift. It will look cool on her/his hand while also tracking her fitness.

A décor voucher

A newlywed might be moving into their own space after the wedding, and thus this voucher makes perfect sense. Find a fancy store and gift them a decor voucher for the same.

Fancy whiskey or wine glasses

If your co-worker loves to drink whiskey or wine, make sure to gift them a fancy set of wine or whiskey glasses.

Tickets to an upcoming event

Another great idea for a gift to give the couple tickets to an upcoming event. Maybe they love music concerts or sports, a ticket for the same will make for a wonderful gift.

Things to consider while picking a gift

If you are not too comfortable with wedding gift shopping, here are some points to consider before buying a gift:

Gift registry

In western culture, registering for gifts with online and local retailers is a custom which is slowly being adopted in India and other countries too. It gives a clue about what the couple wants and makes it easy for you to buy a gift. So, check whether your colleague has such a registry or not, and find an item which you can like. You can also ask other co-workers to pitch in money to buy a bigger item off the list.

The spending amount

The amount you want to spend on the gift mostly depends on your budget. But it should be something that you are able to buy a decent gift which supports the couple in their future life.

Gift cards or cash

If even after all these tips, you are not sure about what to gift or the couple has no registry, then you can go for cash or gift cards.

At the end, it is all about showing your love and support for the co-worker. Just find something thoughtful that they can cherish for the rest of their life.

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Published by Kavita Paliwal