As someone who has tried various types of alcohol and found it to taste absolutely disgusting on every occasion, I cannot understand why most people would pour that poisonous liquid down their throats. Here’s a few things you’d only understand if you don’t drink alcohol. 

1. It tastes like carbonated camel saliva. If that’s what carbonated camel saliva tastes like.


2. Why am I boring if I don’t drink?

en5TS7u - Imgur.gif

“He said he don’t date gals who don’t drink ‘cos they’re boring. Well, I ain’t drinkin’ now and look at me!”

3. Does that mean you’re only fun when you’re drunk?


4. Why would you pay so much of your hard-earned money on something that will give you a headache in the morning?


5. Even worse, why would you drink so much just so you can vomit it all back up again?


6. What’s wrong with socialising over good-tasting drinks like hot chocolate or pineapple juice?


7. Stop pressuring me to drink, the more you do, the more stubborn I’ll get.


8. Drinking leads to liver disease. I’m sorry, but do you not want a liver?


9. Drinking causes more deaths than illegal drugs. You do know that you are slowly committing suicide, don’t you?


Published by Arm Wongsurin