I can’t count the amount of times I’ve heard from people, “Fashion just goes around in circles”. Circles are a good shape and so are vintage clothes so ssh. We’ve just had a 1970s revival with tons of tan, suede and fringing. I’m a huge lover of flower power and fringing and Woodstock vibes are amongst my favourite type of vibes.

The current revival, and let’s be fair there’s always some era being glorified in trends, is the 1990s. Some of you may remember the 90s, still have your old clothes even. I’m a 90s baby  but I was born in 1997 so my 90s clothes definitely wouldn’t fit.

Sportswear is suddenly trendy again, especially adidas and ellese which I don’t really get because when I wear sporty clothes I’m either going to the gym or lazing around. That’s just me though – I’d go out to town wearing jeans and docs, some of you go wearing adidas tops, leggings and nike roshes. I’m not sure she’d admit it but Beyonce’s Ivy Park stuff is all channeling the 90s spirit. Crop tops and sports bras are great if you’ve got the body for it which I unfortunately don’t. Cry…

The 90s weren’t all about sport though, don’t get me wrong. We can’t talk about the 90s and not talk about the music scene! It’s a fabulous era for music but it follows the 80s and that is a tough act to follow. With the era of Nirvana and Britney, band tees were everywhere; on your back, in stores, at record stores, everywhere. With wearing them so much and sweating from all that dancing means they need washed a lot which means they will fade. Faded vintage band tees are like hidden gems so get sorting the boxes in your loft/attic or to second hand vintage shops. You can wear them to dress down a nice skirt or with comfy jeans and boots and slaaaay.

What’s your favourite 90s look?

Stay classy,


Published by Hannah Henley