Thursday, August 19, 1957   Vol. C638



East Farewell – There hasn’t been a train robbery on the Mighty Keystone Railroad since 1876 until last week. A passenger train heading from Philadelphia to Chicago was stopped outside East Farewell by signals that had been somehow overridden and force the train to stop. Once the ten car train came to a stop masked armed robbers boarded from a small unused siding. A total of six robbers boarded, three went through the passenger cars robbing passengers and three headed straight to the mail car where there was a huge bank deposit being transported from a Philadelphia branch of the First Pennsylvania Bank to the home office of the Chicago Central Bank. It was estimated that the total deposit was $100,000.00. The robbers were able to blast open the safe and load the entire amount onto a pickup truck waiting next to the train. The robbers in the passenger cars forced riders to dump their wallets and handbags into a set of laundry carts pushed down the center aisle. The operation was efficient and extremely effective. The total time the thieves spent on the train was about seven minutes. They did not even stop to pick up some of the cash that spilled as they were loading the truck. They drove off into the woods before the police arrived and were long gone by the time the police were able to mount any chase.

            “It was very scary, they looked like they would shoot you right away if you didn’t do what they said,” related one passenger who lost their wallet with about $50.00 in it. Most of the passengers were businessmen making a trip from Philadelphia to Chicago. No one was harmed and the only damage to the train was the safe that was completely ruined.

            After the police arrived the passengers were questioned and asked for any possible clues to the robber’s identities. “Quite frankly, this was a well planned job and they knew exactly what they wanted and what they were doing. Right now, we are looking over the train and the crew trying to get a lead on who knew what when,” said Police Chief, Bill Andrews.

            There are no leads at this time and anyone with any information is asked to contact the local police or the FBI. 

MKR Philadelphia to Chicago line



Slate Mountain – The Travelers made a run for the title but that run crossed the finish line on Saturday night with the Travelers in second place. They lost to their arch rival, the Slate Mountain Miners, 4-1. The Miners pitching ace, Tony “Michael” Angelo, took the mound and showed the home town crowd a picture perfect display of why he is the leading pitcher in the league. The Travelers put their ace, Joe Nagy, and even though he pitched a wonderful game it is a fact that if you don’t get any hits you will not win many games. Angelo held the Travelers to only three hits and struck out 13. The only highlight for the Travelers was an out of the park smash by Johnny Cloos in the eighth but that was too little too late for the Travelers.

            The Miners were only able to tag Nagy for six hits but in a very rare occurrence Joe walked five batters and gave up a two run homer to the Miners cleanup, Lou Fannelli.  After the third out in top of the ninth the Slate Mountain fans knew they Miners had clinched the title and streamed out onto the field. The Travelers were able to congratulate the Miners but made a hasty retreat from the field. Since the season has one more week and the standings are up in the air for second and third place there was no ceremony to give the Miners the trophy. That will happen after next week’s game. Now the Travelers will have to concentrate on next week in Erie. The Travelers must win their last game or they will fall to third place. The game begins in Erie at 1:30 on Saturday.



President Eisenhower and Arkansas Gov. Orval Faubus agree that school integration, being the law of the land - must be carried out. Arkansas Gov. Faubus ordered the National Guard troops away from Central High School (Little Rock) a few hours after a Federal court ordered him to stop interfering with the school’s integration plan.

The Baltimore Sun reports that the first vaccine against a major common cold virus is successful. The vaccine, developed by Dr. Winston Price of Johns Hopkins University was successful in 400 persons inoculated.

The Albany New York area will become a VHF market as the FCC finalizes channel allotments. The area already has channel 6 and adds channel 13 and keeps channels 35 and 41UHF. The much disputed Vail Mills drop-in, Channel 10 is re-assigned and will go to the Hudson Valley Broadcasting Company, partly owned by Lowell Thomas. 

WIIC (channel 11) Pittsburgh debuts!  Finally, Pittsburgh gets a second VHF station.  Network TV has an all-time audience high according to Nielsen. The average evening network show is reaching 1.3 million more homes than last year.

Labor Day concerts - Elvis Presley smashes all records in the Pacific Northwest, grossing a total of $147,000 for five performances in the area.

Alan Freed’s “Mr. Rock and Roll” movie is previewed by the press. The show features Freed behind his WINS New York microphone from which point most of the action stems. Singer Teddy Randazzo is also seen acting in the movie, which features performances by a number of R&B acts including LaVerne Baker, Clyde McPhatter, Brook Benton, Little Richard and Chuck Berry.


Published by JD Carroll