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East Farewell – If it is late September and the weather is still mild it is time for the bears to make their way down to the beach off the Lakefront Plaza for a little fishing and relaxing in the sun with all the other tourists. Of course, as soon as they show up the tourists scatter and the Animal Control is called. Actually, the bears did not show up when there was anybody on the beach, they appeared early on Tuesday morning and when the first people came around the corner the bears, probably a mother and two of her cubs, looked at the people for a moment and then hightailed it back to woods. Animal Control was called as a precaution but there was never any threat to anyone or the bears. “We live out in the country, almost in the wilderness, so this should not be unexpected. We have all kinds of wildlife around here it just doesn’t usually come out in the public areas. This was obviously a Mama Bear and here cubs coming down to the beach to see if they could catch some fish. I guess it is good that Baxter the dog was not around. He would have caused quite a commotion,” said Animal Control Chief, Nate Finley, referring to the town mascot, Baxter, owned by James Douglass. The very popular dog passed away back in November of last year.

Baxter had a run in with Mama Bear and her cubs back in 1956 when he got between Kimberly Kane and her son, Jake, in Mrs. Mallard’s boarding houses’ backyard it may have been the same bears. Baxter was so ferocious that the bears retreated back to the woods rather than tangle with him. This made Baxter an instant town celebrity and unofficial mascot. Everyone knew Baxter and Douglass would walk him through town and he would stop in places and people would give him water and treats.

Whether the bears were the same family will never be known but a young beachgoer, Justin O’Leary, had the good luck, or in his mother’s view, the bad luck, to turn the corner on the Lakefront Beach and see the bears down by the water about 50 yards away. He had his brownie camera out and was taking a picture of the Fun Pier from a different angle and turned to see the bears. He was able to shoot a couple of pictures of the bears before they realized he was there and headed back to the woods. His mother, Geraldine, was right behind him and when she came around the corner and saw the bears she scooped Justin and made a hasty retreat herself back to the Fun Pier and called for help.

Justin O’Leary’s photo of bears on the beach



East Farewell – The Travelers 1959 race for the league title effectively ended on Saturday when they got rundown and hammered by a “Freight” Trane and a Taxen “Hammer”, Joe “Freight” Trane and Bobby “Hammer” Taxen that is. The two Mountain View Explorers put the Travelers firmly in third place in the league standings by the end of the 8-1 shellacking. The problems started in the first when Traveler’s pitcher, Danny Lane, had trouble finding the strike zone right out of the gate. He walked the first two batters then got a ground out.  That brought Explorer’s slugger, Bobby Taxen to the plate. He didn’t wait and on the first pitch he crushed a long fly to center for a very fast 3-0 Explorer lead. Lane was able to calm down and get out of the inning without any more damage. Joe “Freight” Trane took the mound in bottom of the first and there was a scattering of train whistle sounds from adoring fans who traveled all the way from Mountainview for the game. Trane did not disappoint them. He struck out the side and went on to throw seven perfect innings. He set a season team record for strikeouts at fifteen and only allowed one hit all day. That hit was a homerun by none other than Johnny Cloos who has a personal high of 25 homers so far this year. That hit didn’t come until the eighth inning and was the only mistake that Trane made. The Travelers limped off the field after Trane walked his first batter in the ninth but the forced Tony Dimero to hit into a double play and then struck out Joey Brown to end the game.

            “Ouch, that hurt. We looked as bad as we looked all season out there today. That was unacceptable. The “Freight” Trane was good but he is not that good, we made him look like some magician out there,” said manager Fowler bitterly after the game.

            The Travelers host the Slate Mountain Miners and their ace, Tony “Michael:” Angelo next week. They have split their games this season against the Miners at 2 and 2 but they have lost the game where they faced Angelo. Hopefully, they will regroup and close the season with a win. The game begins at 1:05 in the Ballpark on Saturday.




Premier Khrushchev tells Iowans how to grow better corn. He delivered his lecture on superior Soviet corn planting methods as he inspected cornfields of Stephen Garst, son of his host, Emanuel Garst before returning to Washington, after a cross-country tour.

President Eisenhower appears to be standing firm on his repeated public insistence that Premier Khrushchev gives clear recognition to the western allies’ rights in Berlin. President Eisenhower and Premier Khrushchev agreed to keep on talking about their differences, but settle on nothing except to postpone the President’s return visit to Moscow until next spring.  “Until We Meet Again” said Premier Khrushchev before he boarded his plane to Moscow.

Arriving in Moscow, Premier Khrushchev said his American trip was very successful. He told the Russian people President Eisenhower is a man of peace with the backing of all but a small minority of Americans. President Eisenhower said he considers the Berlin impasse broken during his weekend talks with Premier Khrushchev but a beginning was made toward better Soviet-American relations.

Teamster president James R. Hoffa bowing to a provision of the new labor reform law orders his union to oust ex-convict officials barred from holding office under the new statue.

The FCC wants to clamp down on “rag-chews” and “round-robbins” on the Citizen Band radios. It seems that many are getting CB licenses just to chew the fat. The band is not authorized for such chatter. The appeal is, unlike a ham license, you don’t need to take a technical exam.

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