Thursday, September 27, 1956   Vol. C677



East Farewell – Regional High School will host their arch-rival, Slate Mountain, in the opening football game of the 1956 football season Saturday. The Cougars have a strong returning backfield with Junior halfback Billy Reilly and Seniors at fullback and running back, Will “Tank” Brown and Davey Wilson, respectively. Also returning this year are wide receiver, Mitch “Merc” McMaster and defensive end, Pat McKean, both seniors. This year the Cougars will have a new QB trying to fill the record setting shoes of Jimmy O’Conner. Bill Dolan is a junior and has played behind O’Conner for two years learning from him and learning the game. Coach Burcowitz is confident that Dolan is ready to take on the starting position. “Young Bill may just be a junior and may not have a lot of playing time under his belt but he has played on the practice team for two years and that is kind of like being Ginger Rodgers to Fred Astaire. He was running the offense against the first line defense for a couple of years now. I think we can expect to see some very good things from this kid,” said Burcowitz in a news conference earlier in the week.

            The Slate Mountain Miners have a new defensive line, all juniors with the exception of right tackle, Joe Doyle who is a senior and team captain. Last year the Miners finished in third place only one game behind the Cougars having lost the opener to the Cougars in a tough fought battle. This year’s game will certainly be a showcase of two of the best teams in the league if not the two top teams in the league. The game will be played Saturday on the High School field starting at 3:00.



East Farewell – The Travelers won their next to last game of the season over the Monticello Vikings, 2-1 on Saturday. The game was a slow paced, casual affair that seemed like neither side was really interested in winning. The Travelers went hitless for the first four innings and didn’t score until the eighth. On the other side the Vikings were able to get several hits in the early innings but were not able to score until the ninth and then they were held to only one. It was up to the Travelers Johnny Cloos and Ralph Dimero to combine to score the walk off score to end the boredom and finish the game. The only bright spots on the Travelers side were the fact that they won and the other being they clinched second place in the league standings due to an odd statistical quirk that will drop either Slate Mountain or CGW to third place as they finish off the season playing each other in the final game. One will win the title and the other will end up in third place.

            The last game of the season will be at home beginning at 1:30. Attendance is expected to be light due to the Cougars football opening on the High School Field at 3:00.



On the campaign trail - President Eisenhower announces expanded campaign plans to visit Minnesota, the Pacific Northwest and California.  Adlai E. Stevenson confronted by a pushing, yelling crowd at Yale University, criticized Vice President Nixon for using “threadbare shouts” about Socialism.  Vice President Nixon appeals to American voters to re-elect President Eisenhower, not because he is a Republican, but because he is the man best qualified in either party to lead the nation to its destiny.


Senator John F. Kennedy stops by Ursuline College in Louisville and is greeted by female students who shouted he was “better than Elvis.” He had to fight his way to a waiting automobile after a speech. As he got under way, girls lined the driveway clear across the campus and stopped the car frequently to ask for his autograph.


Dr. Albert B. Sabin – the University of Cincinnati scientist announces he has developed a new polio vaccine to be taken by mouth which is expected to produce long term - perhaps lifetime immunity against the dread disease.


President Eisenhower attends game 1 of the World Series.  He flew up to Ebbets Field and lobbed out the first pitch of the series. Brooklyn beat the Yanks 6-3 with Sal Maglie getting the win for the Dodgers.  In World Series game 2, the slugging of Gil Hodges and Duke Snider places the Yankees behind the in World Series action.


Bing Crosby writes a letter to a column in England’s Daily Express.  The column recently did a treatise on the 52-year-old crooner, asking, “Is Bing Crosby Going Out - Or Has He Gone?”  Bing replied that he just didn’t sing as well as he use to. “I’m just not as enthusiastic as I used to be, the feel for a song isn’t there, the desire to sing, to be in action - and when this is absent, so is that style.” “I don’t think increasing age has got anything to do with it or that the pipes are getting rusty, because I believe voice quality has very little to do with public acceptance of a popular singer. It’s the style and mood they create that put them over.” Crosby says he’ll still record here and there.


Published by JD Carroll