Contour has always been one of those things that has mesmerised me. I love the look it gives and how it makes the cheek bones appear more prominent.
I didn't want to splurge straight away on a contour kit without playing around a bit first so I can get used to powder contour as I'm used to cream contouring. I was scrolling through eBay and came across this little kit. It looked promising and was super affordable so I thought "why not?" and I picked it up. 
I ordered it and came a total of 19 days later, which, as it was coming from China, was pretty good, and I was super excited to rip open the package and start playing around. Surprisingly, it came all it one piece but I got a little too excited and made a huge dint in the darker colour with my NARS ita brush, which, by the way, is amazing. 
The colours, as you might be able to tell with the swatches, are a little patchy in places but I was able to work with them and make them look pretty good. These are a little powdery and messy when a brush is dipped into them but that's something I have no problem with. 
The pigmentation on the darker colours are okay but the pigmentation on the lighter colours however, are a little chalky. On the face, theses apply great, blend amazingly and look so natural when using a light hand but could easily be built up if you wanted a more chiseled look. 
I used the yellow toned powder for setting my under eye concealer, the lighter white shade as a matte highlight and the two darker colours combined as my contour. Mixed together they are a perfect colour for my pale-ish, winter skin. They feel light on the skin and on the under eyes and didn't make my foundation/ concealer look cakey at all 
As for lasting power, I can't comment as I've only had them on for an hour, but they seem to be holding up pretty well. 
Overall, I love this palette and I can see myself using this on a daily basis. The pans are pretty big too so I can't see myself needing to repurchase any time soon!
SCORE: 8/10
COST: 99p (plus 72p shipping) 

Published by Aimee Louise Smith