A wedding day is the most cherished day for every woman. Those gleaming gowns and those bright flowers, the majestic cake, and all the beautiful centrepieces make up the beauty of the day. But what is the most beautiful highlight of the day? Of course, the bride walking down the aisle in the flowing wedding gown. Any bride-to-be would know the anxiety one gets to make that moment of walking down the aisle the most memorable one. For that comes the confusion of choosing the right wedding dress designer. A bride-to-be would want a wedding dress designer who can understand exactly what the bride wants and looking for one such designer is a really difficult task. To help you out, here are a few steps to follow which lead you right to the doorstep of the ideal wedding dress designer:

#1. Decide your type:

There are 2 types of brides - one who wants a dress from an exemplary designer with a great collection and a brilliantly famous brand name and the other type who wants a custom designed dress irrespective of the wedding dress designer brand name. Both the type of brides would have varying budgets and different way of approaching designers. So, it is necessary to decide which type you belong to first. Only then you can move on to the next step.

#2. The Budget:

The budget is the one thing that keeps your feet on the ground of reality when you start falling in love with the wedding dress designers that you cannot afford. Make sure you focus on the designers that fit within your budget bracket. You may be able to afford a bottom end collection of one designer while the top end of another designer. Choose wisely within the budget. You definitely do not want to end up spending double than you planned on just the wedding dress and then eventually have to cut down on the rest of the costs of the function,

#3. Style of the designer:

Any wedding dress designer has an expertise in a particular segment of the wedding dress styles. Do your homework on the designer you are planning to choose and ensure that the designer’s style fits with your ideal dress. If your desired style and the designers’ area of expertise do not n=match, there is no point in considering getting your dress designed by that wedding dress designer.

#4. The market reputation of the designer:

There are some designers who have been in the market for several years and there are some just carving a niche in the market. Both the sides have their own pros and cons. You get to experiment with new styles on one side while on the other you can play safe with the established ones. In both the cases, you need to check the forums as well ask your boutique stylist for reviews on the customer service, attention to detail and the ability to make modifications of the designer. Also ask whether they deliver on time. The wedding dress is of immense importance for any bride. So, it is better to ensure the wedding dress designer is known for not making mistakes.

#5. The level of familiarity:

The feel you get when you visit a designer is really important. The way the designer connects with you and understands what you need decides the perfection level of the wedding dress up to a certain extent. So, ensure that you are able to convey your ideas easily to the designer and the designer is quick on catching them on.

So, there you have it: the difficult process of narrowing down on a single wedding dress designer simplified in just 5 steps.

Published by Derek Lotts