I remember being in the delivery room when both of my children were born.  Each of them cried when they entered this world.  I understand that, medically, they do this to begin the breathing process.  Once the cry is heard, the doctor and parents know that the child is alive and breathing.  It’s the baby’s way of announcing to the world, “I’m alive and I’m here”.

    I have sometimes wondered if Jesus cried when He was born.  The Bible really doesn’t say anything about it.  If you look at the words of some Christmas carols, they seem to say that He was quiet.  The famous hymn ‘Silent Night’ gives the impression of a still, calm, quiet scene.  In reality it was probably quite noisy.    They were in a stable of sorts with animals all around.  Eventually shepherds arrived.  Not just because of all that noise, I believe that Jesus cried when He was born.  I also think that His cry may have been heard farther afield than in the confines of the stable.

    Just as the baby born today cries to announce “I’m alive and I’m here”, I think Jesus cried to announce “not only am I here and alive, I have brought life with Me.”  Yes, when He was born He brought life with Him, eternal life for all.

Published by Ray Richards