After reflecting on many changes over the past year, I was quite I was unhappy that I gained so much weight because I wasn't adapted to a new lifestyle. I had too much free time and didn't even use my time wisely. At some point, I've had enough and started changing my lifestyle and the way I do things. The following are things that worked out for me, but since I'm not a health or beauty expert, thing that I say may not be totally accurate.

  1. Challenge yourself and go out of your comfort zone. I don't necessarily like challenging myself too much, but I like feeling busy. Previously, I had way too much time to eat and watch dramas last year, and now I've found other things to do.
  2. Eating healthy. I figured that I probably wasn't going to be exercising so the least I can do for myself is eat healthy. Instead of burgers and fries, I now opt for rice, fish, and vegetables. I don't have a big craving for meat but I do eat meat when it's offered.
  3. No dessert. I'm not even joking when I say I used to eat a cupcake or cake or cookies or brownies after my lunch and dinner everyday last year. Dessert is so good, but so fattening as well. Since I've cut out desserts from my diet (not completely since I get a cookie/cupcake like once a month or so), I don't desire for sugar and the thought of just eating all that sugar makes me shudder.
  4. Cutting out snacks. I used to have a bag of chocolate in my room all the time (barkTHINS are/were my favorite), and I would probably go through the whole bag within a week. I've refrained from eating chocolate this semester, but I do have a whole stock pile of chips that I get for free and don't eat. If I get hungry at night, I would not snack unless I feel like I'm about to faint. I generally don't eat after 8PM because I follow that rule of not eating 4 hours before I sleep (not sure if it's true or helpful, but I do it anyway).
  5. Drinking more water. Being hydrated is supposed to help your skin and everyday functions. I used to use an app called Plant Nanny to keep track of how much water I drink. To be honest, I would say I drank a lot more water last year than I did this semester. But watching what you drink is important. I've cut out all the sugary and caffeinated drinks like soda, lemonade, coffee and tea. I now stick to water and coconut water.
  6. Having a regular schedule. In order to stay consistent, I have a class schedule with classes starting around the same time almost everyday. It really helps with the sleep and eating schedule. It's super important to me to sleep at the same time, get up at the same time, eat at the same time. I try to sleep fairly early, but if I do sleep late, that is no excuse to sleep in. Even on weekends, I naturally wake up around 9 everyday because it's what I'm used to. And when I wake up, I do not lie around in bed.
  7. Not being lazy. I actually used to live a little far from my favorite dining hall so I would grab something to go on my way back to my dorm and not go out later. On weekends, it was quite common for me to buy my lunch and dinner while I was out for breakfast because I didn't want to leave the room. Now that I live in a different place and am so close to everything, I find it okay to just make multiple trips. Walking is still good exercise, since I don't make any effort to go to the gym (even though I live right across from it).
  8. Having a regular skincare routine. I've always had a regular skincare routine, which involves putting on moisturizer every time I wash my face. I used to never put anything on because I loved the dry feeling (because I had such oily skin), but now I feel so bare without it. In fact, I feel like I would start to break out because my skin was so dry, but it's important to find a moisturizer that's right for you. I also made it a habit of putting on acne gel everyday, as well as other creams. Staying consistent is the way to see results.
  9. Taking care of your hair. Since I have dyed hair, I need to use conditioner. I hated conditioner before because it felt like my hair wasn't thoroughly washed and it would easily get oily. I only use conditioner on the tips, to prevent split ends. I also got in the habit of always combing my hair. I also used to never do this and I would have so many tangles. I found that it was best to comb my hair while it was wet because any tangles would easily disentangle and wouldn't leave my hair all fuzzy on the bottom.
  10. Sleeping with an eye mask. Since I sleep so much earlier than my roommate does, an eye mask really helps block out any light. It makes it impossible for me to open my eyes, so I'm forced to close my eyes and sleep. It also has a cooling effect, which helps even out my eyes because when I don't sleep well, one of my eyes is significantly smaller than the other. I'm not sure if it's just me, or the eye mask, but I did find that I'm a deep sleeper this year. I could fall asleep to music, to emergency alarms, but I will wake up to my alarm clocks.

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Published by Karen K.