Hi everyone!
Here's a new look from me. This past week has been amazing and I'm leaving for Budapest tonight! Can't be more excited! How have you been?
When it comes to this outfit, what I love about it are the colours. I was a bit sceptical whether I'll be able to wear this pink blazer with a dress like this because it might have looked a bit too colourful but I loved the way it turned out! This shell inspired bag is absolutely gorgeous and matched perfectly with my outfit! And when it comes to the shoes- nude colours are perfect for any sort of outfit and I love these mainly because of the around-the-ankles details.
I hope you enjoyed this outfit and I'll be more than happy to hear your thoughts about it! I am also planning on starting a youtube channel in the near future and I'm already preparing for it (super excited!). Does any of you have a youtube channel? I'd love to visit it!

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