I thought I begin my first article in here, with one of my blog posts from earlier in the year. 

” Life is a great canvas, throw all the paint you can on it.” – Danny Kaye

We need to see life just like a blank canvas at the beginning of everyday, and create new adventures (or a new painting) everyday. Just like how every painting is different and unique, our days should be filled, new adventures, new experiences and new lessons everyday.

In order to live a life as such, we need to travel, make new friends and constantly learn new things because, if we live a life that isn’t filled with anything new, or nothing to draw from, how are we going to create a life that is beautiful to live and look at. How are we even going to inspire others to lead a life similar to ours?

My mentor told me, “The life that you lives, informs the art that you make.” This to me is something I will always remember. Learning to see life different everyday, through a different lens each time. Just like my art, I am constantly trying different styles of art, trying different mediums, and the outcome is always different.

Keep painting, keep creating, keep travelling, keep living, keep growing, keep dancing because we never know when we find that one painting that will inspire someone.

Never let others determine your happiness. Never let anyone tell you your painting is wrong. Never let the words of others take you down. Never let anyone say what you need in your life. Never let anyone impose their ideas, feelings and emotions on you.

Paint your own masterpiece.🙂

Published by Hammy SB