"Fight the good fight of Faith, lay hold on Eternal life" (1.Tim 6:12)

"Nor trust in uncertain riches but in the Living God, who gives us richly all things to enjoy" (1.Tim 6:17)

What are the two things of life that causes us more heartache and worrying then any other thing? It would be health and money. We cant get enough health and we cant get enough money, and sometimes we can even buy health if we have enough money. So it is hard sometimes not to trust in riches. 

I find myself in this situation every day. Having to pay both mortgage and rent takes a toll on our finances. And then it is easy to look into the checking account to see how much, or how little, is left and trust in what you find there. And I see how money can buy health, money makes it possible to buy painkillers such as Advil. But if you cant afford Advil life can be hard sometimes. But its only hard because I allow my trust to shift from the cross and unto money. When this happens, I have stopped fighting the good fight of faith. 

This happens to us all every day, when we wake up we have made the resolution to keep our faith in the cross and nothing but the cross. And then something happens, something unexpected, that for a moment shifts our faith from the cross and unto something else. But every time we allow this to happen, we are actually committing a great sin. At that moment, we are in fact telling  Jesus what you did at calvary was not enough. It is in times like these we should be so grateful for His promise to forgive us for every sin, every time, as long as we confess them to Him and ask for His forgiveness. (1.John 1:9)

What are you trusting in right now? It is easy to say you trust the Lord when everything is easy in life. But when the storm comes and threatens to sink our boat, it becomes challenging. Even if it is challenging it is worth it because choosing to trust the Lord, despite the circumstances, will give us everything we need for this life. (Matth 6:34)

We should not feel condemned when we struggle with trusting the Lord. Even the apostles in the Bible struggled with this. They saw Him open blind eyes and raise the dead. They where able to touch Him, look at Him when He talked to them. So you would expect it would be easy for them to trust. But when they see Jesus coming to them walking on water their faith shifts and they react in fear. (Matth 14:22-33)

Peter is an example for us in this. First his faith shifts from Jesus to the storm which makes him react in fear. But then he does what we all should do every day. He repents and comes back to trusting in the Lord. That trust makes it possible for him to believe Jesus for even the impossible, walking on water. 

Peters faith in his ability to walk on water is not built on what he has done. It is not built on the miracles he has seen or how many times he has been to church. It is not built on what he has given, tithed or sown into the kingdom. It is built on trust in Jesus and nothing more then trust in the Lord. 

That kind of trust makes it possible for him to walk on water. And then something happens we can all identify with. He is walking along with great faith in Jesus, when all of the sudden his faith shifts again from Jesus to the circumstances. This shift of faith almost causes him his life. He starts to sink into his circumstances. So his faith shifts back again to Jesus and Jesus rescues him, pulls him up from his circumstances and together they walk on water again back to the boat. 

Peter is an example for all of us, both of what could happen to us when we allow ourself to shift focus. But also of the power of Gods forgiveness when we allow ourself to shift focus. God does not wants us to believe something else or to trust in something else then Jesus and Him crucified. But when it happens, and it will happen, He forgives us when we return to the correct object of faith. 

And if it goes so far that we begin to sink into our circumstances, He will always rescue us, pull us out of our circumstances so we once more can walk on them instead of being swallowed up by them. 

But the key to all of this is simple childlike trust in Jesus and what He has done for us at the cross. If we have this childlike faith and trust we are fighting the good fight of faith. Then we are trusting in the living God who gives us richly all things to enjoy and then we know all things will be added unto us. 

I know its not easy. There has been times in my life when I have been like Peter and I have almost drowned in my circumstances. And there has been times in my life where I have been like Peter and walked on top of my circumstances. 

I dont know about your situation dear reader, what the waves in your life consists of. But I know how it is, I know sometimes those waves can be so strong, and so powerful that it seems almost impossible to believe you could walk on them. It seems much more likely that you will sink into them and drown. 

I can testify to this, from my own personal experience. Jesus is into the rescue business. If you are drowning right now, He is standing by waiting for you to shift your faith back unto the cross so He can pull you out of it. And together you will walk back to the boat on top of your circumstances. 

But nothing will happen if you do not make the choice to trust in nothing else but the blood of Jesus. No matter what happens in your life, never quit trusting the blood of Jesus. Never quit praying for more of His blood. For this is the key to victory in your life. 

For it is the blood of Jesus that makes it possible for you to walk on water. It is the blood of Jesus that makes it possible for you to be rescued from your circumstances if you are drowning in them right now. It is the blood of Jesus that makes it possible for you to walk out of the boat and walk in victory towards Jesus, on top of your circumstances. 

So what are you trusting in? 

Do what Peter did and fight the good fight of faith by choosing to trust in the blood of Jesus and only the blood of Jesus. 

Published by Apostle Ernie apostleernie@outlook.com