Some witches practice a concept known as astral projecting. Astral projecting is the skill and practice of leaving the physical plane and traveling or casting spells on the astral plane. Witches who focus on this skill as their major talent are called Astral Witches. It can be difficult to learn this skill, and if you have an affinity for it, it can be hard to master your powers. Astral projecting can open the doors to similar practices like scrying and gnosis.

While astral projecting (affectionately astraling) can be new and scary for newcomers, like all skills, it’s best to start small and get better so as not to put yourself in danger. For someone who’s never astraled before, it’s best to start by working on getting your astral self disentangled from your body, this is how:

First, tell someone what you’re doing and when you expect to be done, this is just a fail-safe and should be done whenever you’re trying something big and new. Once you’ve done this (it can be a text or in person) find a comfortable place where you can lie down alone, you can put on some meditation music, but make sure that your surroundings are quiet. You may close your eyes now, or say a brief spell if you so choose. Focus on your extremities, your fingers and toes, and imagine wiggling them without moving them. Imagine that there are glowing symbols on your palms, they should be the color of your aura. Those will be your sources of power. Once you feel like your fingers and toes are free of your corporeal form, repeat it with your arms and legs, and once you are free of those, sit up. Take your time with the next step, because you will be separate from your body. Once you feel comfortable and safe enough to, push yourself out of your body and either stand up or float. Imagine a glowing symbol on your back that connects you to your body, this is your life line. With enough practice, you will be able to sustain yourself without it.

Now if you do this, it’s important to stay close to your body so you don’t get possessed or hurt. It’s important to know how to cast astral spells in and out of the astral plane, but some cannot do this. A simple protection spell would work for some time for your body but for your astral form, it’s important to be vigilant, especially if this is your first time. Do not engage any creatures you might meet if you don’t have any protection spells on your astral form and keep your lifeline materialized at all times.

To return to your body:

Follow your lifeline back to your body and stand or lie in it, imagining your form and body merging together. Once everything has fused, wiggle your corporeal fingers and toes, working through your body until you are back to normal.

When you return, you may feel tired and jittery or different from usual, this is fine and perfectly normal. Please do not try to overwork yourself or preform beyond your abilities in the astral plane, as it can become dangerous. Good luck and happy astraling!

Published by Kalaeo Nox