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What you will be reading below, is not a testimony of mine; but a testimony of one of our brothers in Christ. I hope that you will feel encouraged, and that you should take your time to reach the end of it.

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My name is Katlego Mpho Rapasa; I am a Black male from South Africa born on the 23rd of July 1990; I live in the province of Gauteng, in the city of Pretoria (Tshwane) in the neighbourhood of Lynnwood.


One night after I had switched off the lights and gone to sleep I had a night terror and being woken up from sleep in a fright I tried to reach for the BIBLE and pray, but something overwhelmed me and I curled up trembling in my blanket stricken with fear. The terror that came over me on that particular night was by far more imposing & terrifying than anything I had ever felt till that moment. As I lay there trembling out of fear from something I could not see, I heard a relaxed male VOICE SPEAK TO me calmly in English, and IT SAID:


When I heard IT I recalling desperately responding with the following words,


RAMASEDI means MAN OF LIGHTS in my native language

I realized only about a year later that ever since that day, I never had a night terror again


About over a year after the event of the VOICE, I was abruptly woken up from sleep during the night or it could have been the early hours of the morning. No sooner had I woken up and opened my eyes, I was in a trance-like state and I said the following words:

I need to go back” or “I have to go back” or “Let me go back

It was something along those lines. No sooner had I said that, I closed my eyes and a VISION APPEARED in front of me. In the VISION was a bright or colourless background, and in the foreground there appeared the form of a pitch-black shape – it was completely dark in colour. As it stood there, another form appeared, it was similar to the aforementioned one, but its form was bright white or light-gold in colour; this brightly-lit form came from the left side and moved just a short distance towards the right and completely engulfed the pitch-black form. And there the vision ended. All in all the vision could have lasted about five seconds at most. When I came out of the vision, I had a terrible headache on the right side of my face, and my right eye was aching for a while after that


In this dream I was giving money to this kind-hearted and humble-faced homeless Black man. I kept giving him more and more coin-money until I eventually stopped. As I was leaving the homeless man, I heard and then saw a group of Black women behind him, and they were cheering for me because I had given the homeless man so much money. When I was now a distance away, something strange happened: I looked back and the homeless man stood up from his place and came towards me, putting his right arm around me and his left arm around my sister, and the three of us walked together side by side by side. The homeless man’s demeanour had changed from soft & shy to stern and confident, and this surprised me. Whereas in the beginning I felt that he was some broken-down fellow, his presence now had an air of dignity, despite the ragged clothes he was wearing. And as we walked he said to me and my sister:

Which of you have seen GOD?

First he looked at my sister and then he turned his face to look at me, and he said:

The reason you do what you do is because you have seen GOD

When he said this I got tearful, and the dream ended.

At another time I had a nightmare, and as the dream was going from bad to worse, I was suddenly woken up, because I felt as if someone had nudged me on my thigh, but when I woke up there was no one in the room but me. At first I thought that I had nudged myself on the thigh, but thinking about it later I realized that I probably did not


One time just before going to sleep, I prayed while lying in bed, as I usually did. I do not recall what I prayed for, but I believe that it might have been something important. No sooner had I turned around in my bed to go to sleep, I felt my bed beneath me begin to lightly vibrate. The vibration lasted for a couple of seconds. At first I thought that it was a mild earthquake, but then I realized that it was not

One other night as I was praying, I asked GOD to humble me so that I would be a better person. No sooner had I said that I felt something enter me and I felt something in my chest area. Then I said out loud to myself,

I will never watch TV again

Not only did I stop watching television as whole, I also stopped listening to music as a whole, and I also stopped reading from non-BIBLICAL books (with the exception of the dictionary and Wikipedia, when I want to learn more about something difficult)

At one other time, during the much earlier days of my Christian conversion, while I was standing outside my sister’s steel bedroom-house waiting for her to come out, I looked at the nighttime sky in the distance, and I saw a falling star. On another occasion when I was standing outside her steel bed-room house waiting for her to come out, I looked at the nighttime sky in the distance, the same spot as the last time, and I saw a falling star again.

Published by Ashley Chapman