I have stupidly sensitive skin that is always irritated over one thing or another... A change in the weather, trying new products (even, and especially some natural ones), hormones, stress, seemingly nothing, the list goes on. My skin is also very dry, and while I rarely get full-on pimples anymore since I hit my twenties, I get these annoying little irritated bumps on my cheeks and forehead that nothing so far has been able to get rid of. My skin NEVER feels smooth, I always feel like my foundation doesn't sit right/goes patchy, and it's all-round just annoying. My skin is also always some shade of red, so going makeup-less is a battle that my self-confidence hasn't even tried to win yet. I always feel like my skin needs a good exfoliate, but sensitive/irritated skin and exfoliation can be a scary combination.

I recently decided to try out the Vanity Planet Ultimate Skin Spa System- there's a tongue-twister. This has been a skincare GAME CHANGER for me, and I don't just throw those words around, especially with skincare. After my long skincare journey full of lotions, potions, and broken promises, this brush has been the best thing that's every happened to my skin. 

The Ultimate Skin Spa System comes with three brush heads- gentle, exfoliating, and dry/sensitive skin. For the first few days, I tried using the 'gentle' brush head, but apparently my skin is some kind of next-level, super-sensitive hybrid, so even that left my skin feeling a bit too raw and exfoliated. I then opted for the brush head made especially for dry and sensitive skin. It is made of silicone, unlike the others which are made from really soft, dense bristles. The silicone brush is perfect for my skin type, and after three weeks of using it, I have upped my usage to twice a day- morning and night. The brush has two speed settings- one gentle, slower speed, and one faster, more exfoliating speed. I could never in a million years use the second speed, but I can imagine that people with oily, less sensitive skin may benefit from it. I, however, with my next-level, super-sensitive hybrid skin, prefer the slower speed.

My skin has changed dramatically in a few short weeks- it has less texture, less redness, and less irritation. Which, to my absolute surprise, is the exact opposite of what I thought was going to happen. This is definitely an example of a skincare experiment gone right, and I'm so happy I tried this brush.

If you would like to try the Ultimate Skin Spa System and see if you see results like I did, check out the link below. You can get the brush for $40 instead of $125- Enjoy!



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