Hiiii! My name is Lilith. (Not my actual name but people can't pronounce my actual name and Lilith is my alter ego). I've always had a passion for books my whole life and I get so excited all the way to my toes when I get a new book. But do you know what's just as good as getting a book? A cool bookmark! A funky, cool or beautiful bookmark I could use to hold my spot in my book. Because honestly who wants a dog eared book? I understand that for some people that is the sign of a good and well read book, but for some of us, it's like torture to our books.

As someone who loves to draw and read books, I've decided that making bookmarks is a wonderful business. I've made several so far and I can't wait to display and sell them. I've also set up a Facebook page and an email so I can receive orders. People will be able to order pre-made or have them personalized with your favorite colors, shape, size, and something from your favorite book, movie, quote, etc.... I can't draw everything but I promise I will try to complete your order. If I can't, you can request a new one or a refund.

Bookmarks are $5.00 each and 99 cents extra for tassels, glitter or other embellishments, if you want a personalized one. I can't wait to start!

Published by Lilith Walker