Moving from one house to a smaller apartment sometimes becomes a faith test. When you have to unpack a whole house in a way smaller apartment you have to have faith to do it, and I am not talking about faith in my ability to unpack or in my ability to utilize every available space in an apartment. I have tried that kind of faith, but when you are sorrounded by boxes on every side that kind of faith only leaves you depressed and desperate. A mortal human being cant make an apartment grow bigger then what it already is. But God can work miracles as long as my faith is in the blood of Jesus.

The first miracle happened on friday. Our cat has been at the cattery while we where moving because we read online that cats do not handle a move wery well. They get easily stressed and sometimes they cant handle the situation at all so they choose to escape. To avoid our cat running away we put her at the cattery for some days so she would be protected from the stress when the movers came last wednesday. We dont have much money, in fact we dont have the kind of money we need to have her at the cattery because it is expensive. But we had no choice, to loose her would a terrible experience.
She was to be returned to us on friday, we had made arrangements with the cattery to deliver her at our new apartment. Normally they would give us an invoice to pay later, but now the cattery had changed their policy and wanted payment on delivery. At the same time I had asked for an advance on my August wages, but as it normally tends to happen, it was delayed. The guy who does our wages at work said he would do it last tuesday, tuesday came and went and it turned out he forgot. I tried all friday to get a hold of him, because I had budgeted for him to give me my advance before our cat would be returned. I was supposed to pay for our cat with the advance on my August salary. All friday he was nowhere to be found, and suddenly it dawned on me our cat would soon be delivered and I would have to use our food money to pay for her. (I had withdrawn from an ATM the exact amount we where to use for grocery during the weekend). So I prayed with my faith in the blood of Jesus.
The doorbell rang and there she was, our cat and the lady from the cattery. I gathered up the money in cash and when I was about to pay her, she said that driving to us she had an idea. She didnt explain why, but she had just had this thought that she would not charge us the full amount for the cats stay this time. So she gave us a discount, and the discount turned out to be the exact amount we needed for groceries this weekend.
So even though my plans (which where to pay her with the advance on my August salary) had failed, God provided for us by impressing on the lady from the cattery not to charge us the full amount.
I know there are preachers out there who would say we deserve this kind of special favour and treatment because we are children of God. Those preachers would tell you “its your time now!” and “every day is a friday”. They are right in one way, because we are children of God. But they are also wrong, because we do not deserve special treatment and royal treatment. We do not deserve anything, but Jesus deserves everything. And Jesus gets everything He needs, and we get to share in what He has if our faith is in the blood of Jesus. So through our faith in the blood of Jesus we get special treatment, not because of something we have done, but because of what He did.
Saturday and Sunday was spent unpacking boxes. We as humans have a tendency to get easily discouraged sometimes when the situation seems hopeless. And it does seem hopeless sometimes when you are to unpack a whole house in a way smaller apartment. During the weekend I found myself so many times overwhelmed with hopelessness when I opened another box and I just had to say to myself “I have no idea where to put this”. Opening a box and finding it filled with books you dont know where to put because there is no room for them is not much fun. And when you have 80 of those boxes, and another 90 filled with old documents and important papers, it is discouraging at times.
In the old days, I would probaly have given up at one point. But now I chose to praise and thank Jesus for His blood shed for me. Then everything changed, the Holy Spirit moved in and He is an expert on how to unpack a whole house in a smaller apartment. The best mover there is would be the Holy Spirit.
He showed me where to put things, what boxes to open and what boxes to store, and it actually worked. What couldnt be done by human might and power He did and he made possible. All because of my faith in the blood of Jesus.
And yes I know there are preachers out there who would say this comes natural because of our salvation, but we have to remember, the Holy Spirit only works through our faith in the blood of Jesus. (Romans 8:1-11) He can only help somebody who has their faith firmly focused on the blood of Jesus as the object of their faith. But if that person says “I only need the blood of Jesus” the Holy Spirit can and will work miracles in that persons life.
The next challenge is this, we have about 60 boxes and some furniture we need to store somewhere. We dont have any use for them in this apartment, but we cant throw the boxes away because they contain important documents. We will try to sell the furniture, but until they are sold, we need to store them somewhere. Storage costs money, money we dont have right now. Its an impossible challenge, its no way we can solve this. But we know that He will solve this for us in one way or the other. Because He, our Lord Jesus, already has an answer prepeared and a finished solution. So I know that if my faith is in the blood of Jesus and I only need the blood, then He will do the rest. (Romans 8:32)
We have moved from the house, well almost moved. There are about 10-20 boxes left in the house, we also need to store them or to move them to the apartment if we can store the other boxes. The house is a challenge. We need to sell it, we want to sell it but we dont know how. One real estate agent has already turned us down after beginning working on the sale, another one wouldnt take the job. Its probaly going to foreclosure today, and then we will get a choice again to sell by our own free will or to have the courts sell it for us. To be honest we dont care how its sold, as long as it is sold. We need to sell to pay of debt. But we also need to get those boxes out of the house before a foreclosure begins. We dont live there anymore, so if they where to change the locks it wouldnt bother us as long as all our stuff has left the house.
But even so, we are not worried because we know that Jesus has promised us to fight for us, as long as our faith is in the blood of Jesus. (Romans 3:12, 8:32)
This is the peace that surpasses all understanding, this is what Jesus was talking about in Matthew 6:33, we are resting in faith in the blood knowing we have nothing to worry about because Jesus has already done it. Jesus has already given us a solution when it comes to the house, the storage and the sale. Jesus has already payed our bills and freed us from the consequences of our financial sins. He did this at the cross 2000 years ago when His blood was shed for us.
So we dont know what to do, how to solve this situation, but we are not worried or stressed out and it is wonderful.
Moving and unpacking boxes can be physically exhausting as well. There is A LOT of heavy lifting, and on saturday we worked for about 12 hour straight lifting and unpacking. Sometimes you have to first empty a room of all boxes, then  open them to see whats in them, and then put them back into the room in the correct order for unpacking. When I got physically tired I felt thirsty and hungry but also hungry for tongues. I knew I needed to pray in tongues when I was tired, so I did and it actually helped. Through the tongues (which only works if your faith is in the blood, Romans 8:1-11) I felt physically rested and rejuvenated  (Isa 28:11-12). When I was tired and my body wanted to stop working I prayed in tongues and I got the strength to continue working for another 5 hours lifting, unpacking. It actually was fun to do all the work, I enjoyed it. I got this joy, peace and strength first and foremost because my faith is in the blood so I got to share in what Jesus has already done. His death and His blood has opened the way for all the joy, peace and strength we need. But through His death and His blood He also opened the way for the Holy Spirit to give us power. (Acts 1:8). The only way for the Holy Spirit to give us power is through our faith in what Jesus did for us because it is Jesus who baptizes us with the Holy Spirit. (John 1:33).
Since it is Jesus who baptizes us in the Holy Spirit it is only logical that He can only do this if believe in what He has already done for us. If the death and the blood of Jesus seizes to be the object of our faith it will be impossible for Jesus to baptize us with His Holy Spirit. And we need the Holy Spirit, He is our wisdom, counsellor and best friend in this world. And best of all, He teaches us more about Jesus. But we also have to remember one thing, The Holy Spirit wrote the Bible. He will never contradict Himself by telling us something about Jesus that does not line up with the Bible.
So my life is a testimony of the power of the Holy Spirit that can only work when my faith is in the blood of Jesus. Nothing is impossible for Jesus, and He wants to give us everything we need for this life. He knows what you need right now. He knows about the bills you cant pay, what the doctor has told you, and He cares. He cares about those things in your life that doesnt seem to be important. But it is important to Him, because He loves you.
He has given you His Holy Spirit, baptized you in it with the evidence of speaking with other tongues. Dont frustrate that gift, because you so desperatly need it for this life. So make sure it flows freely into your life by constantly having the blood and the death of Jesus as the object of your faith. (Gal 2:21, 5:4)
Thank you again for reading this dear reader. Hope you where blessed, can I pray for you or prophecy to you? Can I teach you how to hear from God yourself? Opening in August I will launch a free online prophetic school. For further information visit
Until next time, God bless.

Published by Apostle Ernie