It has been a few weeks since I did a personal narrative on certain events and milestones in my own life, but it is time to write about something different for a change.  Today, I placed a phone call to my graduate school, Keller Graduate School Of Management, because I needed to find out if I could increase my financial aid awards (I refuse to pay for a dime of college classes and furthering my education) and also to see if I could formally verify that I could graduate by the end of October 2016.  I was able to get the financial situation taken care of but I was informed that the current human resources class that I was taking might now count towards my degree plan.  I was, of course, infuriated, disappointed, and rightfully upset as I told the academic adviser that I had no desire to even come back for the November session to take whatever class that would be required of me to graduate by this December.  I hung up the phone and proceeded to continue with my work for the day, filled with bitter rage against this useless world.

Then in a few minutes, I received a call from the same academic adviser who confirmed that it was an error on his part and that my prior summer courses would count towards my degree plan and that I was all set to graduate this October with the successful completion of my current human resources class.  A huge weight was lifted off my shoulder and the widest smile that I had ever formed came across my face.  However, I was happy for different reasons but also skeptical as to what my future would look like.  The phone call was merely to confirm what I already knew, only to see those dreams dashed by the errors of human foolishness and mistakes.  Was this moment to be a chance at happiness?  For afterall, I have spent more than 11 years, since August of 2005, trying to better myself in the form of upper education and attaining a bachelor’s degree and soon, a master’s degree.  I did these things, not at my own desires, but merely to please my parents; the same parents that I would later disown in January 2011 as I began the long and painful process to find happiness in my own life.  Even after cutting away such filth, I found myself in need of finishing my bachelor’s degree and later, my master’s degree to stand even a modicum of a chance in the evil economics called America.

Now that I have all but guaranteed to acquire my MBA degree, I have a new decision to make; do I continue to get more certifications, move to Ecaudor for a chance at freedom, do I finally kill myself to achieve perfect nihility as I have often written about, do I go ahead and enroll in a fitness program and conquer my diabetic condition, do I settle down with a woman despite my hatred for women due to the evils of feminism (a category on my beloved website), or do I acquire secondary job of income for better financial freedom from the destroyers of this world?  All of these questions will be answered within the next 8 weeks as I chart a new course in my life, but in the end, no matter what choice I make, I know that it will mean for the first time in my life, for the past 11 years, I will have achieved all of my goals and desires.  I have accomplished more than most people my own age and I have done all of this without the love and support of my biological parents; which might go to explain why I have cut them out of my life for good the past few years. In the end, even if I choose to kill myself, I will live with the knowledge that I died happy instead of simply living an unhappy life merely for the sake of staying alive.

Published by Henry Graves