I looked out into the night sky

And watched the stars passing by;

Into the deep dark of night,

And I felt my being take flight.

Up into the clouds my spirit flew,

Up into places I never knew,

Like an unchained soul I saw

A galaxy that left me in awe.

Past hazy Venus and violent Mars,

Out past the light of the stars,

I saw wondrous places; people too,

With hearts vibrant through and through.

Greens as bright as spring’s first day;

Unending sunsets for lover to play.

And past that to the great unknown,

Where faded purples and blues are born,

Until I came upon a tiny shore.

And found myself in a downpour

Of rain and terrifying new things

With their own cold and biting stings.

On that shore I found a house,

Inhabited by a little mouse,

And he said to me in a quiet voice,

“It’s time for you to make a choice.”

“A choice?” I asked him with surprise.

Said he, “Do you even realize

How far you’ve come, or where you’ll go?

All the things you’ve come to know,

Yet you are here alone, a spirit lost

In space, forgetful of his past.

You forget the laughter of your mother,

And the warm embrace of your lover.

So it’s time for you to choose,

Which is a greater thing to lose:

The people who you love so much,

Or the universe you have yet to touch?”

I paused and took a bit to think,

Until my heart began to sink.

The secrets yet to be uncovered,

And great lands still to be discovered.

Or the people who got me there?

Those who would love me forever?

I wandered back through the beach,

To a tree with a single peach,

I took a bite into the skin,

And quenched my hunger within.

I could go on alone forever,

Into unforeseen, incredible weather.

Or I could go home and tell me friends,

And finally find my journey’s end.

And so that night, again I flew,

Past places that alone I knew,

Back again through blue and purple,

Through the cosmos I began to hurl,

So fast though space and time,

That the very universe began to unwind,

Until I found myself in the clouds,

To see my body on the ground.

I could see my body so unchanged,

Yet I would never be the same.

And into my lonely vessel I flew,

To tell this story, just for you.


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Published by Cassady O'Reilly-Hahn