I am feeling anxious and frightened as I wait out in the cold. My fingers tingling from the brisk breeze soaring through the air. My nose is cold and my ears are cold. I am now thinking I should have grabbed that hat and gloves I had my eyes set on for a moment before I left the house. Wishing now they were warm on my skin to make me feel comforted. I try to stay close by the fire but the moment I turn or step any direction, another part of me gets cold. The ground is soggy and went from frequent rain and my shoes are full of mud. As I stand next to my significant other I grab his hand for heat. It gives me a tingle throughout my body as his touch heats my palms, and I dont want to let it go.

I am suddenly forced from my warm spot, startled by a monster. Literally a monster, this place is filled with them. A haunted house of sorts, except the scary souls are scattered throughout the crowd waiting to go in as well. The adrenaline gets my blood rushing and I am balmy outside of my spot. Our friends gather as we decide to go through the haunted house, and by decide I mean we are fidgeting with each other on who will go first.

The introduction starts as the clown beats his bat to his hand and the creepy lady dressed in rags and crazy makeup hisses at us. Suddenly, theres an unworldly looking monster that rushes in to scare us and we all shout out with terror as he explains the three of them will be guiding us through the house. They explain that some people may be split up and we grasp each others hands for protection and catch each others eyes for the “please don’t leave me” look.

As we start to walk the lights turn down.. We are guided into a tight hallway and the lights go off, the creepy sounds are so loud we are unable to hear or see one another. We are all frightened by the doll popping out of the wall and our hands are lifted from each others grip and reached to gasp our mouths instead. Just as I felt my hands tear away I screamed louder knowing it was a mistake. The second we are torn from each other we are guided down different paths. I end up alone with a strobe light kicking on and off and no other lights, I keep catching glances of the scariest of things from flying ghosts to bloody zombies. All jumping out at me, hoping for a fright and they are getting it.

I am scared out of my mind, for two reasons and not the ones you would expect. Its not the freaky clowns following behind me or the random items falling from the ceiling, giving me just enough time to move without getting trapped by these things for the clowns to get me. But its the fact that I can not see, the strobing light has me blinded and I have only but a few moments to catch a glimpse of the way out before I can no longer see again. “What if I get trapped in here until closing?” I think to myself. “Then they will have a ball with me..”. 

Just as I am loosing all hope I am forced into what I thought was a wall but I fly straight out of the house back onto the wet ground. I could not be more happy to have my shoes covered in mud again. The rest of the group is out and gathered outside of the house, giggling and reenacting their experiences. As I am walking back up to them I can not help but think “Why do we do this each year just to have our adrenaline rushing our hearts out of our bodies.” But I still run to my friends to explain my story after I hear theirs..

Published by Shana Ross