A wedding ceremony is a fresh start for a couple and the most important event in their lives. Capturing the moments on this event enlivens the memories and people cherish it life-long. It's not just the event being captured, but the memories that enthrall people. Candid photography is what has caught the attention of young minds recently. Candid photography is a wedding photography style where the couple doesn't have to be conscious of the camera and continues to enjoy the moment while being shot which makes the expressions look more real.

Why is candid photography a trend?

  1. It captures the real emotions and feelings

Candid Photography is deemed more interesting as it presents the real side of the event without any fake poses and expressions. Whatever is real and authentic is always beautiful! For a couple to look back at their candid photographs will bring back memories in an even better way than the ones in which they were made to pose. Candid Photography portrays the subject as they are and thus people can easily connect to it when they look back down the memory lane. Candid Photography is capturing the attention of modern couples and experienced candid wedding photographer is now being hired for weddings to capture moments as they occur.

  1. They create beautiful memories worth revisiting

A wedding album sure is a treasure trove of emotions and memories. While posed photographs are picture perfect, they may not have the emotional edge to them. It is the candid photographs loaded with various emotions, such as joy, laughter and tears that come to life every time you look at a wedding album. These pictures in a way allows you to relive the myriad of tiny moments that truly made your day wonderful. A seasoned candid photographer will always look for such memorable captures that make every album unique.

  1. Refreshing and fun

Wedding is a formal ceremony with people posing their best for formal photographs. But at its heart, a wedding is a fun filled celebration of love and family bonds. This fun side of the events can only be seen in candid photographs. When people are enjoying themselves, a good candid photographer will capture the fun and laughter from an interesting angle. Thus candid photographs reflect the happy, fun side of people which will stir up a giggle every time you see them.

  1. Social media friendly

Surely you will be posting some of your best wedding photos on Instagram or Facebook. If you want to garner loads of appreciation, do something unique. Put up a collection of candid photographs and see how people will drool over them. Compared to formal photographs, candid photos have more power to connect with people. They can relate to the emotions captured in the photographs. Candid photographs genuinely reflect the moments that occurred during the ceremonies. These captures have the power to connect people who may be miles apart and help them share the joys as well as the tears.

How to hire the best candid photographer?

There are a myriad of wedding photographers and agencies that claim to be the best in the business to cover the entire wedding, but in reality, not all of them are skilled enough for candid photography. Any random agency can shoot the event with a camera at hand clicking same old cliched poses but to shoot the candid photographs, it requires perfect timing, angle and a proper setting of camera apparatus. Thus, while hiring a candid Photographer one needs to be aware of what they require and must be vocal about it while dealing with the agency. Ask for previously shot samples to judge the quality of a candid photographer before hiring them. Look for agencies that capture the real emotions of the subject rather than their staged appearance.

A candid photograph can take you to a whole new world of nostalgia. Only the best and the experienced candid wedding photographer can help you to document your journey in a candid frame.

Conclusion: Candid Photography is an interesting subject where a myriad of photography agencies are still trying hands at but one should always trust an experienced wedding photography company. Subodh Bajpai Photography is known for their years of expertise and dedicated work in the field of candid wedding photography. The dynamic team captures the most creative and timeless photographs creating pure magic!

Published by Justin Schumakar