Series: So this is now one of my favourite series but I’m glad it’s only two books because I don’t know how much heartbreak I could take.

Book: This is an incredible book and a step up from the first book which blows my mind because that was such a good opening to the series.

Brief Opinion 9/10

This is not a YA novel, it’s just not but I’m glad of it. Sex and violence are so skirted around and a weird relationship exists between the two and I commend Sarah J. Maas for writing what she wanted.

So I want to give this a 10/10 but I just can’t…. I did truly love this book but I still had some issues mostly with the constant reminders of who we were meant to blame and a constant barade of what someone (Tamlin) did and not enough of addressing Rhysand’s failing in the first book. I think people are too quick to forgive characters for doing bad things, Will Herondale, biggest example going. I get that people have excuses and reasoning but you don’t get to get out of it that easily.

I love the story, I love the plot, I loved the world expansion, I love the history. It’s a solid book and I think people should read it.

Full Review


There is so much character development with Feyre and Rhysand and that was the best part for me. I hate Tamlin now which breaks my little heart.

Now there are a new cast of characters and you should get to know them because I don’t want to spoil that but I like the groups dynamic and the characters have grown with me.

WHERE WAS LUCIEN!!!! WHERE WAS HE!!!! He was one of my favourite in the first book and he wasn’t in it! Like NO!!!! Sorry I’m upset.


Man, it’s pretty full on but hot and steamy and good and playful and flirty, and look, I enjoyed it ok and you should experience it.


I love this world and the night court and I was worried that I wouldn’t get enough of it but I liked the way that it was done in comparison to the first book.


I liked how the story started quickly and gave an adequate amount of time to Feyre coping with PTSD and the events of the previous book. It then slowly rolled out and by the end so much was happening and it was all getting out of control and my brain trying to cope nooooo……


This is so good, it doesn’t unfold until a bit into the story but when it gets there it’s one of the best there is. I enjoy that there’s a goal for each book, it works well and you feel fulfilled at the end.


I love Sarah J Maas’s writing and I miss it when I’m not reading it because it’s just inviting and engaging and it’s so hard to put it down.


So there is some reason to why their doing what they’re doing but it’s still the whole evil for the sake of it.


So……. Spoilers man, SO MANY SPOILERS!!!!!! But yeah, I’m looking forward to the final book but I have no clue how big it’s going to be.

I know this is short but it’s a book for people to read and experience and usually the more I love a book the less I write because I would encourage people to read it.

If anyone wants to have a spoilery discussion with me then I would really enjoy that.

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