50 pages into this book I realized that Maas has a thing for strong female lead characters who attract many men, are part of the fae, and... are (slightly) illiterate.

All joking aside, this book was amazing. I am not a huge fan of series because I feel they progressively get worse, however, ACOMAF was in almost every way perfect.

This book does go away from the Tamlin and Feyre romance. Many people are arguing over whether or not there is a love triangle, and others are upset that Tamlin is pushed to the side. I found the break from Tamlin a gradual and well explained process through Feyre's mind. Tamlin was in the right place at the right time in ACOTAR. The actual love in the first book wasn't really prevalent, I found it more focusing on sexual relations, so that may have made this process easier for me. Anyways, Feyre really develops as a person dealing with some enormous trauma from her time spent Under The Mountain. Her emotions were so in depth and so real I loved following her character progression.

Also, I find that Maas is an author I appreciate in a way where she gives vast detail about the setting. I love knowing what everything looks, smells, and feels like. Maas also gives a lot of back story in this book about what has happened in the war 500 years ago and other details about the Night Court (which will blow your mind).

The new characters in ACOMAF are wonderful and developed enough to enjoy. Maas also keeps enough tabs on the old characters that I felt as though no one was really missing from this book (although my heart breaks for Lucien as good things continue to avoid him).

My thoughts are so scattered because so much went on in this 600 page book and I cannot decide what to focus on!!!!

In short the readers get to follow Feyre page after page as she experiences so many new places and heals her ailments from Under the Mountain. Rhysand. Rhys becomes a huge focus point with his healing and helping Feyre along. Hybern is planning a war so most of the book is spent detailing around that and the Night Court's plans to stop him. The last 100 pages or so of this book show so many raw emotions, cunning plans, twists and turns that I would read this book for those pages alone.

Such a great sequel I hope the next book turns out just as great, or hopefully, better.

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