I was recommended this book by a beta reader to get a good look at a slow-growing romance between two people forced together by a mistake.

First of all - fae! Beautiful, mysterious, dangerous. These are my favorite kind of fae, ones that make the Mercy Thompson series so great. They have all kinds of rules and some rule-breakers you won't expect. I loved every one of them, good and bad.

The romance itself was very Beauty and the Beast-like and I thought it developed well. I didn't think it was insta-love and there was actual reason for its development. The mask-curse idea was brilliant too. Did I mention I love the fae? /squeal

I enjoyed reading it from start to finish. There were stakes and action and romance and danger and it was fantastic. If you love fae stories, you will love this book. I would recommend it to anyone into magic and fairy-tales.

Published by Anna K