A Court of Thorns and Roses  by Sarah J. Maas

So If you are reading this to decide if you want to read this or not then my answer is yes!

You got your answer, now my turn to tell you why I think is a good book.

Well, I love Beauty and  the beast stories and this is why I started reading this book. The author does not bubble on the contrary she describes everything with an ease and it's like seeing a movie when you read the book. I love the fact that she has strong characters and well thought out. The plot is good because it keeps you on your toes and has plot twists. You expect those plot twists,  but when they happen you just jump up from your seat because although you expected them you didn't at the same time. 

There is romance the romatic one, yes you read right romantic. The book it's sweet and the storie is intresting is not just about love other things get involved.

So I will be reading all of the series, I bet there are good as the first one.

Published by Elektra Bakhshov