Yes, I am a survivor.
I have survived against all odds.
Am I proud?
I have survived against my will,
I am the hero of this story.
I had to survive.
It doesn’t make me a worthy survivor,
It makes me a coward.
A coward.
The mistake has been made.
The life has been saved.
Again and again and twice again,
I am the hero of this story.
Sooner or later I have to make a change.
The people who don’t know this story,
Will think high of me, for surviving,
Some will even be envious of this pretentious courage,
To them, ‘I’ survived.
But what of people and things,
Who sacrificed, for me to survive.
To them, I owe my life.
For them, I need to show the coward’s bravery.
For them,
I have to own my survival.
Unwilling, as I was for this survival,
Unwilling, I will allow my transformation.
I am the hero of this story,
I have to be one who rescues everyone.

Published by Naba Mehdi